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Union leaders unite against levy on maids
Cull after new bird flu find on farm
Private hospitals to publish fees
High E. coli levels found in 7 Aberdeen fish market stalls
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Top officials caught  up in pneumonia alert
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Monitoring scheme for nursing homes
Regina Ip gets legal backing in her bid to scrap the maid levy
HIV-prevention efforts 'compromised by 50 per cent reductions'
Health plan figures do not tally, says expert
Stroke fear sees drugs banned
22 Nov 2000 - 12:00AM
Stroke fear sees drugs banned
Ban looms for French blood donors
Rare strain causes first SAR cholera death since 1994
'There's this attitude in the community . . . there's a need for more education'
Authorities blame private emergency units' problems on lack of publicity and bad locations
Restaurants and offices should decide whether to impose more restrictions, says tobacco industry
Cathay pilots reissue holidays strike threat
Support for HIV screening to prevent baby infections
Nurse arrested after clinic death
Homeless Aids group rescued
5 Dec 2000 - 12:00AM
Homeless Aids group rescued
MPF may run medical fund: health chief
From behind bars, lethal lover sends forgiveness
Savings plan to head health reform package
Health associations to forge united front on reform paper
Our sums came out differently, says health chief Yeoh
Health-care review recommends workers make compulsory contributions to retirement bills
Viability of medical savings plan questioned
Tougher herbal medicine laws urged
Withdrawing life-support not mercy killing, says code