The Hong Kong director and co-owner of City Airways has hit back at claims that the airline's aircraft are unsafe after Thai authorities suspended its operations on Saturday.

Safety concerns and worries over lax aircraft maintenance forced the grounding of a Hong Kong-backed regional airline that has left hundreds of holidaymakers from the city stranded in Phuket.

An official probe is under way into the McDonald's "rotten meat" scandal, focusing on whether the fast-food giant knowingly sold potentially tainted food to the Hong Kong public over a four-day period this week.


Hongkongers, including the city's 90,000 Australian passport holders, have been invited to pay their respects to the victims of downed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, after the Australian consulate in Wan Chai opened a public condolence book.

The smartwatch has been a staple of science-fiction since Dick Tracy and his 'wrist radio' made their comic debut in the 1940s. But now the technology is a reality.


A research team at the University of Science and Technology has invented a low-voltage pulsed electric field device that can kill more than 99 per cent of waterborne bacteria in seconds.

Supervisors at exam centres are being warned to be on the lookout for students cheating with electronic devices, including feature-rich "smartwatches".

The twisted, glowing glass tubes that have created garish images across Hong Kong for decades should be recognised as part of the city's cultural heritage alongside Cantonese opera, egg tarts and milk tea.

Hong Kong students consistently outperform their American peers in subjects like business, economics and engineering, the head of a leading US university says.

Hong Kong internet users and psychologists have accused Facebook of acting unethically after learning that it secretly manipulated the emotions of its members as part of a psychological experiment.

The "remarkable commitment" of the latest player to renounce his citizenship in order to play soccer for Hong Kong has brought a renewed call for a change to the eligibility rules.

Temperatures in typical urban areas of the city are expected to rise by two to three degrees Celsius in the next three decades, according to findings unveiled by the Polytechnic University yesterday.

A Hong Kong-born former South China Morning Post reporter has climbed the highest volcano on each continent in a record time of just five months in memory of her father, who lost his battle against cancer in 2008.

Entertaining Hong Kong seems to be the theme behind Allan Zeman's career, earning a fortune and a wealth of respect on his way to the top.

Hollywood glamour added heat to the Hong Kong summer as enthusiastic fans congregated at the red carpet to catch a glimpse of the world’s A-listers at the new Transformers world premiere.


Papier-mâché pandas were already winning the hearts of Hongkongers as they checked in at the airport yesterday. But their creator says he hopes fans focus on conservation, not cuteness.