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Winter's the time to hang out in Hainan
New route to Europe offers speed at a price
Air fare competition looms as skies open
Mekong speeds up tourist flow
9 May 1996 - 12:00AM
Mekong speeds up tourist flow
Dragonair increases flights into mainland
Big rise in number of top travel agencies
Aviation growth brings no guarantee of easy pickings
Tourism industry to seek post-handover openings
Hotels move out of rate race to cost-effective climes
Devastation from September 11 attacks proving hard to remedy
Air China domestic route focus gets part of blame
Mainland joins top five international destinations
Back to normal as last signs of disease and tragedy fade
Hong Kong's visitor profile still shows few signs of a real recovery
Mixed legacy in Boeing deal
11 Sep 1997 - 12:00AM
Mixed legacy in Boeing deal
Regent hotel group eyes return to the city where it made its name
Mainland joins the top five of worldwide air-travel ranking
Airfields to link remote tour spots
Business class being bumped  to meet demand
Visitor forecast given a boost as funding rises
Shanghai Airlines sets HK as its top priority
Hotel stocks are the flavour of a sluggish month
Cathay Pacific puts more passengers on board to overtake JAL
IATA report gives alternative insight into mainland aviation
Forget the hype, budget carriers are not the ticket to lower prices
Visitors flock to a recuperating Asia-Pacific
Tourists turned off by big events
10 Aug 1997 - 12:00AM
Tourists turned off by big events
Falling greenback brings mixed bag for key players
Japanese lead the pack as outbound travel gets off to a quick start
Macau holds right cards in challenging HK for mainland tourists