She saw a picture of a ballerina, and wanted to be just like her. Josephine Cheung Ching-nga, 19, graduated from the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow this summer after three years training and is currently with a ballet company in Toronto.

The Electronic Crime Investigation Centre (ECIC) researches and develops investigative capabilities so that it can handle customs-related crimes committed by using new technologies before those crimes become a serious problem in society.


More than a week after the amended Trade Descriptions Ordinance kicked in, consumers remain confused about the specifics of the new law, with some urging the government to look into the grey areas.

The amended Trade Descriptions Ordinance prohibits false or misleading trade descriptions in all forms, including in advertisements. It also bans companies from using testimonials from celebrities about a product's effectiveness when they did not use it.

It was the first day in action for Hong Kong's new consumer protection law yesterday and some shops already appeared to be in danger of breaking the rules. As the amended Trade Descriptions Ordinance came into effect yesterday, it became an offence for businesses to provide misleading information in order to persuade people to buy their goods or services.

From beauty parlours to restaurants to tour agencies, firms in the services sector are revising their practices as new consumer protection laws kick in today. The amended Trade Descriptions Ordinance bans all forms of false descriptions of goods and services. Omitting important charges and adopting aggressive sales tactics are also illegal under the new law.

The city's examination body will discuss with teachers a spate of plagiarism cases that saw 23 pupils taught by the same teacher at the same private school disqualified from the Diploma of Secondary Education examination this year, authorities say.