The driver, who started playing when he was 11, was well-known in Beijing pool circles as a “young genius”, though he has reportedly quit the game.


Blackmailers create fake sex photos of two Chinese female officials to try to force them to hand over hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Jailed ex-Taiwanese president Chen Shui-bian must wait until next month for medical parole after report assessing his health was delayed in a traffic jam and reached prison officials too late.

A government study says cities in central China were blanketed with harmful air pollution levels that were more than than twice the national safety guidelines for much of last year.

A love-struck young “Romeo” from China tried, but failed to woo his “Juliet” – a female university student – by flying a luxury brand bag up to her window fixed to a camera drone.

Former deputy chief of China’s Beijing Zoo, who claimed he earned 8 million yuan (about HK$10 million) from part-time jobs, including working as a taxi driver, is jailed for life for corruption.

Thousands of social media users in mainland China moved by sacrifice of mother Qiu Yuanyuan, 26, who refused cancer therapy to protect her baby, and died 100 days after giving birth to son.

Environmental authorities are joining forces to limit vehicle emissions, which are one of the main causes of northern China’s serious air pollution problems

McDonald’s China says it will carry on using scandal-hit meat supplier OSI Group on the mainland because “it is riskier to find another local supplier”.