Nicole L. Asquith
Nicole L. Asquith
Professor Nicole L. Asquith has worked as a practitioner and academic in the areas of interpersonal violence and policing vulnerability. Her doctoral research looked at the forensic possibilities of hate speech in hate crime, and was later extended through the analysis of 100,000 hate crimes reported to the London Metropolitan Police Service. She currently works with Australian policing and criminal justice agencies to address the issues raised by violent victimisation, and responding to victims', offenders' and practitioners' vulnerabilities. She is also the head of discipline for policing and emergency management at the University of Tasmania, co-director of the Vulnerability, Resilience and Policing Research Consortium, Research Associate with the Sexualities and Genders Research Network, and secretary of the Australian Hate Crime...

A new study suggests mosque attacks in Australia are neither new nor rare. But only the most egregious cases of hate-crime violence come to public attention.

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