Peony Lui

A Shenzhen man was so pre-occupied with work that he missed his own wedding.  Realising his mistake, he posted an apology in a newspaper asking this fiancee to forgive him.

Severe thunderstorms and heavy hail struck Dongguan on Wednesday - and are believed to have killed nine people and seriously injured two others.


Two days after a Chinese real estate agency, whose location was not disclosed, advertised an investors' tour in Detroit, thousands of people have expressed interest, according to a report in the People's Daily. The same agency is advertising a tour to the US east coast in April, which costs 25,000 yuan and will take investors to Washington DC, Boston and New York City.

The man grabbed the woman’s hair, struck her and dragged her from the seat. Several passengers got up and separated them. The man quickly jumped out of the bus after the fight.

The State Council unveiled sweeping tax reform plans on Tuesday under which three ministries, including the National Development and Reform Commission, proposed 35 measures to make the wealthy pay more and to narrow the income gap between the urban rich and the rural poor.

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan’s recent appointment to Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Beijing’s top advisory body, has generated a frenzy of discussions on China's social media.

Hong Kong actor Stephen Chow Sing-chi is one of the newest additions to Guangdong's Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference committee. 

Manchu princess, niece of the last emperor Puyi and long-term Hong Kong resident hits out at the real estate hegemony in Hong Kong, describing property developers as the "new emperors of our time."

A villager from Anhui filed a report with police on Wednesday, claiming he was arrested, illegally detained and tortured after appearing at a land dispute hearing.

In Zhengzhou the open spaces beneath many express bridges used as shelter by migrant workers have been filled with hundreds of flower pots, in a bid to force them to use shelters.

China continued its hard line on its claim to disputed islands in the East China Sea, threatening Japan with more retaliation and talk of war in an editorial in state media.

The former secretary of Quzhou city’s Department of Transportation was reported to have placed fourteen relatives in various Hebei governmental positions while he was in office.

Chinese consumers are buying one quarter of the world’s luxury goods, according to a reported published on Thursday.

Famous Chinese film director Xie Fei published an open letter on the internet on Saturday, making a case for the replacement of China’s current censoring mechanism with a motion picture rating system.

Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man said on Thursday that samples have been taken from about a dozen restaurants reportedly using contaminated cooking oil supplied by a Kwai Chung manufacturer.