It was a moment of toe-curling embarrassment that marred the end of his visit and cast an elephant-sized shadow over the environmental credentials of Prince William.

You suspect your best friend's husband is having an affair. What's more, you're fretting about whether your own sex life and bedtime habits are 'normal'. So who do you ask?

The city's rise to wine auction capital of the world has brought fine vintages with it. Simon Parry visits the first former military bunker to be converted for storing bottles.


To ensure Manila is presentable for Pope Francis' visit, street children as young as five have been detained next to convicts in centres notorious for brutality, abuse and neglect. Simon Parry goes on a rescue mission with Father Shay Cullen.

The hilarious, dizzy - and, for now, legal - high you get from inhaling Taiwanese-made nitrous oxide is taking the European party scene by storm. But just how dangerous is it, asks Simon Parry.

Mrs Patmore, aka Lesley Nicol, with a little help from her Downton Abbey colleagues and a converted bile farmer, is on a mission to save China's captive moon bears, writes Simon Parry.

The Kingdom of the Little People stands accused of exploiting its workers, many of whom the Yunnan theme park has given an income and independence that were denied them elsewhere, writes Simon Parry.

As Myanmar opens its doors,Hazel Knowles finds the commercial capital, Yangon, is ready for business - well, almost. Pictures by Cedric Arnold.

A sanctuary in Vietnam is fighting tooth and claw an eviction order that would put its more than 100 bears back behind bars. Simon Parry investigates.

For many young Vietnamese, the long, arduous trek to a 'dream job' in a European or North American beauty salon is a taste of the life that awaits them, writes Simon Parry.