Riddhi Doshi
Riddhi Doshi
SCMP contributor
Riddhi Doshi is a Mumbai-based feature writer. Her stories on art, culture, travel and lifestyle have been published in Forbes India, Nat Geo Traveler, Travel & Leisure, The Hindu, The Hindustan Times and Mint Lounge. She is also a Kathak student, a movement therapy practitioner and a first-time pet parent.

Twelve dogs deployed at Australia’s Sydney Opera House precinct that have been trained for just one task – to stop seagulls from stealing tourists’ food – have become an attraction in themselves.

Finland’s oldest mental hospital, in Helsinki, may sound an unlikely tourist attraction, but visitors can enjoy history tours, foraging for mushrooms on its grounds, or a picnic on its beach.

Works by Damien Hirst, Urs Fischer, Daniel Arsham and Louise Bourgeois are among 100 public art pieces in Doha for visitors to the football World Cup in Qatar to enjoy.

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