Rob Subbaraman
Rob Subbaraman
Rob Subbaraman joined Nomura in 2008 and is head of global macro research and co-head of GM Research. He manages a team of over 30 economists and macro strategists that forecast the global economic outlook and make financial market trade recommendations. Rob is also on the Nomura Executive Committee for AEJ Global Markets. Prior to joining Nomura, Rob was at Lehman Brothers for 12 years and was chief economist, AEJ. Rob is based in Singapore and has spent the last 23 years living in Asia. He has a central banking background, having worked at the Reserve Bank of Australia in the Economic Analysis Department for seven years prior to joining Lehman Brothers.

Asian economies today are more able and willing to tolerate currency depreciation. To slow it down, Asia could use an array of instruments, from interest rate increases and opportunistic currency interventions to piecemeal capital- flow management.


Asian central banks delaying a normalisation of interest rates risk either having to play catch-up when the US Federal Reserve starts to increase - or worse, a financial bust.

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