Robert Kuok

In the final excerpt of Robert Kuok’s memoirs, the tycoon remembers how Taiwan hung like a dark cloud over his meeting with Deng Xiaoping, his stint as a media mogul and China’s spiritual rejuvenation under Xi Jinping.

In the fifth extract from Robert Kuok’s memoir, the Malaysian-born tycoon reveals how patriotism drove him to launch the country’s national shipping line and how he drew inspiration from the Mongol warrior.

In the fourth extract of Robert Kuok’s memoir, he considers Chinese immigrants. Not only are these unsung heroes hungry, eager and willing to ‘eat bitterness’ – they have cultural strength in the marrow of their bones.

In this extract from Robert Kuok’s memoir, he recalls moving from shipping to the aviation industry – and a turbulent journey as chairman of Malaysia-Singapore Airlines


In the second extract from Robert Kuok’s memoir, he recalls his access to Malaysian leaders: Tunku Abdul Rahman had a ‘bee in the bonnet’ over communism, Hussein Onn wouldn’t give up race-based politics

In the debut instalment of six extracts from the first-ever memoir of Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok, reproduced exclusively here, he recalls how mother shaped his views of China, and why he left Singapore and Malaysia for Hong Kong.

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