Robin Cheung

Malaria researcher's achievement calls to mind the theory that we have multiple intelligences which we must harness, as well as showing determination, to succeed. 

Leaders are there to provide direction. But Robert Greenleaf theorises that the leaders should become servants to the led if they want their ideas implemented.

Pressure to survive amid competition for pupils can never be an excuse for not giving students' well-being top priority, former principal argues in wake of a Hong Kong coroner's criticism of a school's handling of pupil's deadly fall.

Change is stressful for teachers and pupils, who need a principal's wisdom and guidance to get through it. To avoid becoming stressed themselves, principals need to show emotional strength and flexibility. Meditation may help.  


Principals need to understand how teachers teach and students study, and create an environment that fosters and rewards learning.

Recently, I saw a local film called Little Big Master, which is about a school headmistress who goes to a remote area out of love for kids to revive a dying kindergarten. Although the film is not meant to be a blockbuster, many viewers have been touched by it, including some top government officials. I think people are touched by the generous and resilient spirit displayed by the headmistress - a real-life heroine in Hong Kong. The film portrays her as having a genuine love of children and an undaunted determination to save the school. The suggestion is that if you can find the right head, all school problems will be resolved.

Recently, there has been talk about the training and preparation Hong Kong teachers need to be competent at their job, which has grown much more sophisticated each year. Teachers primarily need good knowledge and skills in teaching, learning and assessment. While they are expected to teach their subjects well, they are also expected to provide good pastoral care for students with regard to their diverse learning and developmental needs.

Inclusive education is only one piece of the social inclusion puzzle. The government should have a wholesome and long-term view of how to integrate special educational needs students into society .

Catering for student diversity in the classroom is an increasingly important issue for teachers and principals these days. Class sizes in Hong Kong have historically been big, which presents obstacles when trying to give students more individualised teaching and attention.

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