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Flourishing Yantian operations see HPH delivering 23pc of group earnings despite downturn in economy
With the NHL season only days away, RUSSELL BARLING looks at the Western
Cargo-handling 'David' takes on HACTL 'Goliath'
Yue Yuen on Line
7 Sep 2001 - 12:00AM
Yue Yuen on Line
Rule changes test teams' capacity for adjustment
Procedural short-cuts put shippers at risk
Deal clears the way for introduction of charges, to be phased in on a gradual basis, to cover government tariffs
Midstream terminal sector feeling cross-border heat
Analysts see freight industry outlook as 'bad, bad and bad' and about to get even worse
Lines face squeeze as mainland lays groundwork for significant boost to terminal charges
Jardine Logistics adds Tradecard payment power and wide customer base
International demand patterns in global slowdown see carriers struggle with shrinking business
Declining economies in Japan, Europe and the US fail to shake increasingly competitive industry
Diverse service portfolio pays off for freight line
Dutch giant targets express, logistics and mail markets with ambitious plan for growth
Bid to pass on soaring war-risk insurance costs in the wake of terrorist attacks in US
Project on track after environmental concerns delay dredging
Legislator stranded in Alaska for 2 days
European freighter network expects boost of 40,000 tonnes in first year
Fall in demand for electronics products has most impact on HK air-freight sector
Leading conferences set to pass insurance costs to shippers, with Middle East routes hardest hit
Legal row brews over Macau transshipments
Trio latch on to INTTRA as sea-freight service provider
Shanghai boxed in
26 Sep 2001 - 12:00AM
Shanghai boxed in
Co-ordination is logistics keys, says report
Wharf unit MTL wins Shekou go-ahead
TSA seeks FMC nod for war goods levy
Changi feels the impact of cargo throughput slide
Asian carriers reluctant to show hand as airlines weigh costs
Logistics reform concerns
17 Oct 2001 - 12:00AM
Logistics reform concerns