Sasha Gonzales
Sasha Gonzales
Sasha writes about a variety of subjects, from health and beauty to design, architecture, food and travel. Her work has appeared in a number of publications in Asia, including Wine & Dine, The Peak, SilverKris and Her World Singapore. She has been writing regularly for the South China Morning Post since 2011.

Meet two friends who endured cancer together during the pandemic. Their journey highlights the importance of support for cancer patients, especially during global health emergencies.

A Singaporean’s stressful job brought on panic attacks, leaving her short of breath and with a pounding heart. She tells her story, with expert tips on how to manage attacks and related anxiety.

The transition into menopause can be a hard time for women, but the right diet can help to reduce symptoms. A nutritional therapist and female hormone health specialist reveal what to eat and what to avoid.

Chi Longevity, a medical centre in Singapore that views getting old as ‘a disease that can be treated’, offers therapies to reverse biological ageing and help patients stay healthy for longer into their golden years.


On World Laughter Day, a breast cancer survivor and medical expert explain how even voluntarily laughing can benefit both physical and mental health, and the power of laughter yoga.

An ex-Hong Kong firefighter credits TTFields therapy, a relatively new and non-invasive treatment, with keeping his aggressive brain tumour in check after chemotherapy failed.

Having a negativity bias means we react more strongly to things that go wrong than go right in life. Experts explain how to overcome it and give tips on accentuating the positive.

Celebrities Michelle Obama, Naomi Watts and Drew Barrymore have all spoken of their menopause struggles. A Singapore resident explains how she is coping with depression from the transition.

Taking up running helped Sarah Keates reduce her anxiety and depression, especially when adding yoga and meditation, helping her see that ‘the mind-body connection was very real’.

Nutritional yeast has a nutty, savoury taste similar to Parmesan cheese, and is packed with B vitamins and antioxidants, making it a favourite among vegans and vegetarians, who often call it an ‘umami bomb’.

‘Disabling’ hearing loss affects 430 million people worldwide, and it is linked to depression and dementia – so it’s vital you protect your hearing. Experts offer advice on how you can.

Elevated stress levels can trigger physical and emotional health problems. Experts provide 8 tips to help beat stress, from exercising regularly to sleeping and laughing more.

Removing animal-based and processed foods from her diet helped Connie Wong, 54, lose weight and improve her complexion. ‘People mistake me for a 40-year-old,’ she says.

If your hair is thin or falling out, and your nails are weak and brittle, biotin might be able to help. Taking it can strengthen both, and fix dry skin, say experts.

Nordic walking, done at a brisk pace using specially designed poles that maintain good posture, has many health benefits. A Singaporean couple talk about how it has helped them.

Experts reveal what six habits you should introduce to your lifestyle to gift yourself a longer, healthier life, from eating less meat and more plant foods to being more optimistic – yes, really.

Gill Mahtani was 34 and weighed 180kg. When he flatlined on the operating table it was time to lose the excess kilos. Nearly down to his target weight, he has ‘so much energy’ and is ‘way more confident’.

A breast cancer diagnosis and the painful treatment that followed were made easier by Cindy Cheng’s four cats, who she credits with lifting her spirits during her darkest hours. Scientific studies back this up.

Studies have found that helping others can help improve our mental, physical and emotional health. Here’s how one Hong Kong resident felt happier after volunteering for a homeless charity.

Coco Chan went from busy professional to feeling helpless and lost as a mother dealing with physical, emotional and mental changes. An expert gives tips on coping with change in life.

Our hands reflect ailments from oedema to arthritis – which is why King Charles’ inflamed fingers draw so much attention. Experts describe signs to be aware of that point to serious issues.

As more of us turn to processed foods as a convenient, affordable meal option, a doctor and dietitian give expert advice on what to avoid and what can form part of a healthy diet.

After developing symptoms of obstructive sleep apnoea, Gabriel Lam sought treatment to cure his fatigue. Surgery helped him sleep better, gave him an energy boost and saw him lose weight.

Reduce the risk of diabetes and depression, lower your cholesterol, promote better heart health and digestion – all are benefits of eating a diet of healthy plant foods, according to new studies.

Three successful Asian women highlight how positive vibes and a winning mindset can help you manifest what you want – in one case, the ideal partner – and achieve personal goals. Experts also weigh in.

Corie Chu found a better life after quitting a well-paying job and cushy life to move to a place where she knew no one. Experts explain how you can train your intuition and learn to trust it.

With food prices rising, switching to a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian diet makes sense from a wealth point of view, as well as being good for health.

Singapore-based Nick Jonsson competes in triathlete races, but four years ago he was depressed, 30kg overweight and drinking heavily. He felt better almost immediately after changing his lifestyle.

If you are anxious about leaving the house or returning to the office after the coronavirus pandemic, you could have anticipatory anxiety. Experts offer tips on dealing with your fear of future fears.