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Russian President Vladimir Putin defied the West and launched an all-out air and ground assault on Ukraine  

During his seven years as head of the illustration and graphics team at the Post, the team collected 488 awards across four continents.

The breaking up of a massive money-laundering syndicate by Hong Kong customs shows cryptocurrency crooks are on the rise and authorities should always be alert.


The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a pact regarded as an extension of China's influence in the region.

Unprecedented scenes of violence broke out at the Hong Kong International Airport after thousands of anti-government protesters occupying the airport terminal building brought flights to a halt for two days straight. This is how the events unfolded

Schedule grid for each Premier League team as Manchester City prepare to make it three English league titles in a row

SCMP Sport investigation discovers that modern mixed martial arts has its roots firmly in Hong Kong, and that Bruce Lee was among the earliest adopters of techniques that would become MMA.

As part of Unicef’s Hong Kong’s “Say Yes to Breastfeeding” campaign in collaboration with the government’s health authorities, businesses ranging from McDonald’s to Victoria Harbour Restaurant made commitments to implement breastfeeding-friendly policies. The restaurants, affixing “Breastfeeding Friendly Premises” stickers to their front doors, trained staff to help breastfeeding mothers.

The government's proposal for the 2017 Chief Executive election promises ''one man, one vote'' but critics say it is not ''true universal suffrage''. SCMP explains just how the proposal would work.

In an exclusive interview with the South China Morning Post, the Philippine president Benigno Aquino said that Vietnam approached his country to form a new “strategic partnership” to fend off China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea. We take a look at the current geopolitical situation.

The devastating earthquake that struck Sichuan province five years ago marked one of a series in the earthquake-prone region. The earthquake occurred in an area that is deforming as two tectonic plates - the Indian plate and the Eurasian plate - collide.

Stanley Ho, born on November 25, 1921, also known as Ho Hung Sun, Stanley Ho Hung Sun, is a Hong Kong and Macanese business magnate. Ho is nicknamed "The King of Gambling", a reference to the government-granted monopoly he held on the Macau gambling industry for 40 years.