Indian supporters of exiled Bangladeshi poet and novelist Taslima Nasrin have taken to social media demanding a long-term Indian residency for the author, after the Indian government refused to renew her residence permit.

Indian politicians whose criminal convictions have prevented them from running in the nation's general election are fielding their wives as candidates in this year's race instead.

A year ago, tensions were on a razor's edge in southeast Bangladesh, as Muslim mobs looted and vandalised 19 Buddhist temples and monasteries.

The large black-faced langur monkeys have been on guard for decades to keep out armies of smaller rhesus monkeys that plague Delhi, protecting events like the 2010 Commonwealth Games and visiting foreign dignitaries, and keeping order in the hallowed halls of parliament.


A controversial road in the Indian Andaman Islands is set to reopen to tourists this week, heralding the resumption of notorious "human safaris" to view the Jarawa tribe.

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