Shaoshan Liu
Shaoshan Liu
Dr Shaoshan Liu is CEO of PerceptIn and has commercially deployed autonomous micromobility services in the US, Europe, Japan and China. He has published four textbooks and more than 100 research papers, and holds more than 150 patents in autonomous systems. Dr Liu has served on the World Economic Forum’s panel on industry response to government procurement policy. He has an MS in biomedical engineering, a PhD in computer engineering from the U.C. Irvine, and a master of public administration from Harvard University. 

ChatGPT has pushed AI to a commercial tipping point, just as tech lay-offs push thousands into the market for start-ups, with the potential to revolutionise our lives. But to enjoy this bright AI-powered future, regulation urgently needs to catch up.

India’s large young population and growing manufacturing capabilities will ensure it has a place in the global technology supply chain. Notwithstanding its handling of the pandemic and geopolitical tensions, China’s challenge of an ageing population and economic slowdown remains.

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