Tara Loader Wilkinson
Tara Loader Wilkinson
Tara Loader Wilkinson is a journalist and editor of 15 years, having written for the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, Tatler, Monocle, the Financial Times and many more. She spent 9 years living in Hong Kong before recently returning to her homeland of the UK. She loves long walks in nature, spending time with friends and family and drinking Champagne.

Australian endometriosis sufferer Kellie Johnson describes how she gave birth against the odds, and how she created a special heating pack to deliver pain relief that’s in demand globally.

Breast cancer survivor Anisha Oberoi founded clean beauty platform Secret Skin – the ‘Goop of the Middle East’ – on the back of knowledge she’d gained through beating the disease.

Ultrarunner Natalie Dau, speaking from personal experience, describes how women can schedule their training around their menstrual cycle phases for optimum performance.

Synthetic kidney transplants could begin within 10 years thanks to a Hollywood lawyer who couldn’t get answers after suffering renal failure, and funded research that in 2022 led to a big breakthrough.


After the sudden death of her husband, Heather Ashley found healing in cold water therapy through immersion in freezing seas, and breathing exercises, as advocated by the Wim Hof Method.


Singers from Kanye West to Paul McCartney, and artists including Vincent van Gogh and David Hockney, have used their ability to ‘hear’ colours and ‘taste’ sounds to their advantage in their creative work.

A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner explains how she helps people give up smoking, through a combination of acupuncture, counselling, acupressure and herbal remedies.

On World No Tobacco Day, meet a couple who used hypnotherapy to quit smoking, plus the specialists who reveal why ‘hypnotherapy is not a magic wand that you wave’ to help you quit.

A healthy meditation and yoga teacher was ‘feeling helpless with fatigue’ after 5 years of not sleeping properly. A specialist in Ayurvedic panchakarma (detox and purifying therapy) quickly solved the problem.

The Well, a luxury 104-room hotel in Norway, has Scandinavia’s largest spa and also the only one where nudity is de rigueur in the saunas and steam rooms. We get naked for a visit.

Multidisciplinary healer Amberin Fur used HBOT to help her mother before and after her colon cancer operation in 2018, and believes the pressurised oxygen treatment was instrumental in her recovery.

Oxygen and light therapies, a restricted diet, supplements and self-care helped triathlete Dr Tamsin Lewis beat long Covid after 3 years and get back to competing.

After Chris Connors countered PTSD from growing up during the Troubles in Northern Ireland with meditation, he developed a free app and set up retreats to ‘democratise’ its benefits.

People in the earth’s five ‘Blue Zones’ live the longest, healthiest lives – here’s why, from eating more beans, nuts and sourdough bread to cutting down on meat, dairy and sugar.

Alex Glasscock opened wellness spa The Ranch with wife Sue to help guests who share their goal of living better and longer lives. He’s determined to live to at least 110, or ‘die trying’.

Victoria Warnes developed chest pains after giving birth and doctors found a rare heart condition. The experience inspired her to better prepare parents for the aftermath of having a baby.


LeBron James and Kendall Jenner are among the celebrities who use hyperbaric oxygen treatment to boost their immunity. Lady Gaga is among fans of infrared saunas that improve circulation.


Former US soldier Neil Markey saw the potential in psychedelic drugs after battling PTSD; his company runs psilocybin retreats to help others make meaningful change in their lives. ‘Every adult could benefit,’ he says.

Visualisations helped Marina Efraimoglou beat non-Hodgkin lymphoma and traditional Chinese medicine helped her beat breast cancer. Now at her wellness resort, she heals others.

Ingo Schweder combined conventional treatment with a macrobiotic diet, vitamin infusions and more to beat lung cancer, an experience that made him realise what his industry was lacking.


From body brushing to gua sha on your body, a popular TCM influencer reveals some of the ancient Chinese health and beauty rituals you need to try to banish stress and lose weight.


Austrian doctor FX Mayr saw the digestive system as central to our health, and a retreat in the Austrian Alps follows his theories, offering fasting, detoxes, massage and exercise.

From cleansing your chakras to improving your sleep to enjoying deep tissue massages, the Alpina Gstaad and its Six Senses Spa show what five-star wellness tourism is in 2022.


So you can’t do that anti-ageing package at the spa because of Covid-19 curbs? We ask Thai spa experts for tips on things to do at home – intermittent fasting, the treatments to apply and the foods to eat.

A sexologist explains how taking ice baths can improve your sex life and the logic behind the Wim Hof Method of cold therapy – whose other benefits include combating depression and aiding in fat loss.


As profits plummet at UK farms, many are innovating by creating unique experiences on their properties, including eco-retreats, luxury cabins and gourmand classes.

Two sustainable accommodation start-ups are helping us travel more responsibly. Smarter eliminates waste at its short-stay lets and offsets your carbon footprint; Fairbnb’s booking fees fund community projects.

Scotland was once a wild, forest-covered land, but that has mostly disappeared because of farming. The Alladale Wilderness reserve is working to reverse that, planting new trees and reintroducing old species.

Going on a cruise stimulates the part of your brain that deals with emotions and relationships, and the effect lasts for months. A Singapore couple can attest to that.