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Sino Art’s murals encourage student participation and benefit the whole community.

CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, provides a range of useful services to its members. Education, training and networking support are available, along with some more subtle, equally useful services provided for new generations of graduating accountants. These include giving members the inspiration to succeed, sharing knowledge, and forging leadership skills.


Australia plans to play an important role in the Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to connect Asia, Europe and Africa along five key routes. The initiative has already seen a mixture of agreements get under way for the Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st Century Maritime Silk Road development strategies.

The members of CPA Australia are talented individuals whose skills have earned them highprofile jobs, accolades, and success. There are also some members whose lives are less ordinary.

Mini master chefs can get busy in the kitchen to whip up some sizzling seasonal delights.

Whether in the field of politics, civil rights, nursing or fashion, these feisty females all changed the world we live in.

Cara G McIlroy – best known as model and TV show host, Cara G – always wanted her own business, but wasn’t sure what. In October 2011, she opened Genie Juicery with her best friend. It done so well they now boast a store in Central’s prestigious IFC mall. In the last couple of years, however, McIlroy has really spread her wings, thanks to her becoming a mother.

That China has changed a lot in the last two decades isn’t hard-hitting news. But in that time, business has changed immensely too, from the way we do it, to the kind of companies on the market and what makes them successful.

Anita Kwan Yi-tung’s youthfulness and playful demeanour make it difficult to imagine she is already a young mother of two: Marina is three and Eleena is just six months old.

While start-ups have been proliferating in the business and, of course, tech landscape, so have collaborative workspaces such as Wynd in Central and Cocoon in Tin Hau, to name just two...

From courses offering babies motor skills, to swimming, fun zone play equipment and trampolining, Hong Kong has something to satisfy your children, writes Vickie Chan.

Collaborating with top designers from the lavish Roberto Cavalli to the avant-garde Viktor and Rolf, Swedish retailers H&M have redefined the distinction between high street and designer fashion. They’ve made affordable what was once exclusive – and it’s all thanks to Margareta van den Bosch.

A champion of design thinking and an innovator on user-focused design, Don Norman, Director of The Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego, wants designers to ask what the real problem is.

As part of Business of Design Week (BODW), students from Sweden – this year’s partner country – and Hong Kong took part in various workshops, seminars and activities. During the Design for Asia (DFA) awards, executive director of Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), Dr. Edmund Lee, defined “design thinking” as having a creative mindset in designing better solutions for tomorrow and the future.

Whatever the vehicle, Paul Priestman, designer and Co-founding Director of PriestmanGoode, is passionate about transportation design. Speaking at Business of Design Week, Priestman shows images of interesting designs for aeroplane seats for the disabled, among others.

Originally known as the Museum of Manufactures (and then, South Kensington Museum), what is now known as the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) was founded partly in response to working class needs in 19th century Britain.

With Sweden as a country partner for Business of Design Week (BODW) this year, it makes sense that one of the country’s most well-known brands is in attendance. Speaking as Head of Design for IKEA, Marcus Engman is lively, bright, interesting and entertaining to listen to.

“I feel like I’m juggling plates in the air. I work day and night,” says Irma Boom, book designer and founder of Irma Boom Office, in Amsterdam. Attending Business of Design Week for the second time, Boom gives as many lectures and talks as she can, as a mechanism to get her away from her desk.

The founder of airplay blow dry bar, Wang Cheung, has an eclectic background. From architecture to toys and then finance, this multilingual Hong Kong entrepreneur lived in Switzerland, the United States and Japan before partnering in business with his wife. Wang received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 2007.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the computing industry, Dr. Witman Hung has seen a lot of changes and gained a great deal of experience...

Speaking as the deputy general manager of the Bank of China (BOC), Macau, Sio-kai Ip is keen to talk about the future of Macau, the impact that good educational institutions can have and his experience in working with graduates of the University of Macau (UMacau).

As a former Portuguese colony, Macau’s close ties with the Portuguese-speaking international community, by extension with the vast European community, and with the Mainland have helped it to establish a unique position and exert its influence.

A diverse learning environment, the University of Macau (UMacau) draws about a third of its students from outside the territory and offers a range of exchange options for studying overseas.

First established in 1981 as the University of East Asia, the University of Macau (UMacau) is the leading – and largest – tertiary institution in the city. The University was renamed in 1991 and became public, making it the only public comprehensive university in the special administrative region.

German foreign exchange student Nils Schaefer is spending four and a half months at the University of Macau (UMacau), studying Business Administration, although he is majoring in engineering. While he had the option to go somewhere like the US, Schaefer made the bold move of trying something really different.

Once a quiet and quaint place known for its cobbled streets, the romantic Ruins of St Paul’s and the annual Grand Prix, Macau has grown and flourished since the official handover from Portugal to China in 1999.

After finishing high school in Macau, Sean Ao thought he would go back to mainland China, where he was born, to attend university. At the time, Ao was not a strong English speaker, so his options for attending university in Macau had to factor in that challenge.

With 69 per cent of the University of Macau’s income subsidised by the Macau SAR Government, relations remain close between the two, with a clear long-term commitment.

Often described as on the boundary between humanities and social sciences, a degree in anthropology – the study of cultures and what it means to be human – can lead to a wide range of work opportunities in everything from marketing and research to journalism or even police work.

When an adult chooses to undertake a new course in learning, it’s usually down to one of two motives: either to boost their career prospects or for the personal joy of it.

Does an MBA require context to count? Christine Brendle, director of KIDS DAILIES, a daily publication for children, found that it does.

Jacques-Louis David was one of the most influential painters during the French Neo-classical period, when the playful and voluptuous Rococo style saw a decline. But it is hard to mention...

Thinking about life as a lighting designer, a few ideas come to mind. But John Williams, now Dean of Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA), seems to have crammed more...

Pascal de Sarthe founded the de Sarthe Gallery in Paris in 1977, later opening in Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Representing and exhibiting a diverse spectrum of international artists...

Based in Hong Kong, John Batten is convenor of the Heritage and Urban Planning Advocacy Group, the Central & Western Concern Group; organiser of Hong Kong ArtWalk and president of...

It could be said that Marcel DuChamp changed modern art as he moved away from what he termed “retinal art”, which pleased only the eye, to his own brand of conceptual art exemplified...

Now renowned as one of the world’s most famous contemporary architects, Norman Foster worked hard to reach his goals. Born in 1935 to working class parents in Manchester...

The team of SCAD students won this year’s annual Disney Imaginations competition for their design and development of a new Disney attraction around the well-loved Peter Pan story.

Through photography Sherman questions the representation of women in modern society, mimicking typical representations found in movies, TV and magazines. Several dominant themes inform Sherman’s oeuvre, including artifice and fiction and cinema and performance; horror, the grotesque and gender and class identity. Despite her focus on the role and depiction of women, Sherman does not consider herself a feminist. 

Represented by the likes of Schoeni Gallery, it took Hong Kong born Gary Mok Wai-hong several attempts to get into his school of choice. 

When choosing a Master’s degree, there is always a lot to consider, notably what you want to achieve, preferred modes of study, which courses offer most interest, and which programme...

Famous for his lead in the Impressionist movement in France during the 19th Century, painter Claude Monet and his modern methods proved to catalyse the art world.

An accountant with an MBA, Adam Wong did not reach his current position as finance director with Prudential Assurance easily. In this interview, he shares the ups and downs of life and how an MBA helps him out.