A lawmaker yesterday promised to look into whether a recent rise in vegetable prices was linked to a new rule limiting pesticide residues on imported produce.

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Greg So Kam-leung became the first top official to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge, at the instigation of HKTV boss Ricky Wong Wai-kay.


Loosening the eligibility requirements for the government's existing social security benefits programme is the best way to overhaul the city's pension system, a five-year study has concluded.


On a warm autumn night each September, tens of thousands of people gather to gaze romantically at the moon - as a mountain of rubbish piles up.

Orientation camps for students entering higher education in Hong Kong may be a fun introduction to university, but they're also wasteful, a green group says.

Months ago, by mixing purple, green and blue cleaning fluids, 63-year-old Ms Yiu concocted a suicidal solution for her woes. Fortunately, the timely arrival of a friend thwarted her attempt to take her own life.

The fast-food giant has taken several popular items off its menu after it admitted on Thursday to having imported goods from Shanghai Husi, the mainland food processing plant that allegedly repackaged rotten meat for sale.

Only a third of pupils who took the Diploma of Secondary Education examination are confident of getting into university, although more than half believe a bachelor's degree is a necessity.

There is a wry sense of irony in Siu Leung-hing's artworks - mosaics created using hundreds of stamps. Look closely at the striking portrait of Mao Zedong and you can see he is made out of stamps bearing the head of Queen Elizabeth.

Customs has seized HK$472,000 worth of quilts that were labelled as being filled with 100 per cent wool or silk but were found to contain other types of fibre.

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