From lentils to the Sichuan bean, legumes - nutritious, sustainable and affordable - are being pushed into the public consciousness and, hopefully, onto dinner tables around the world by the UN this year, writes Joe Yonan.

As Wikipedia marks its birthday,Andrew Lih looks back on how the website conquered the internet and the challenges it faces in maintaining its position as the 'font of all knowledge'.


In her own words, Ricki Mudd tells how she was removed from her home in Zhejiang, adopted by an American couple and given opportunities she couldn't have enjoyed in China. Better still, she now has two families.

The US$800 million Lower Sesan 2 project in Cambodia symbolises China's growing influence in Southeast Asia, at the expense of the US, writes Simon Denyer. 

Fashion designer Prabal Gurung says his life was 'forever changed' by April earthquake that devastated his homeland. It made him reflect on his impressions of Nepal - impressions he drew on for collection he presented in New York.

Kanye West was there to see Brother Vellies,  a line of shoes based on traditional African styles, make its debut at New York Fashion Week. Founder and creative director Aurora James tells Robin Givhan how she got started and what she hopes to achieve.

Medic with Las Vegas practice performs hilarious take-offs of some of the biggest music stars, including Garth Brooks. Sometimes he has a serious message, but mostly it's just for laughs.


The questions to ask, precautions to take and situations to avoid given recent cases of sexual assault by holiday home hosts, including an allegation by Hong Kong women against an Italian recently convicted of raping a 16-year-old.

The leading label will open its 2016 womenswear show in New York to members of the public - and about time, too, in an era when people are more connected to and fascinated by fashion than ever.

Two years after the shock of former tween star twerking on stage at Video Music Awards show, Cyrus will host the 2015 edition on Sunday. Ahead of that, a reminder of how she's changed her image, and used her notoriety.

From Patrick Stewart kissing Ian McKellen on the lips to George Takei, one of the first Hollywood stars to come out as gay and a vocal proponent of LGBT rights, the stars of Star Trek are as cool as they ever were.

From catwalks to a Vogue cover and the Pirelli Calendar, plus-size American - she's a US size 12 - has blazed a trail for acceptance of women bigger than the standard fashion model.

The American director's latest work takes two couples whose friendship reveals the gaps between self-image and reality.


You see it from the moment you enter the exhibition, Gustave Caillebotte's masterpiece and one of the most famous paintings of the past 150 years. Paris Street, Rainy Day, borrowed from the Art Institute of Chicago, is placed at the end of a short enfilade of three galleries, documenting the impressionist painter's best work, most of it made while he was an urban animal, a wealthy dandy, a self-styled flaneur, and an impressionist impresario with the means and the energy to shape a movement.

Four-day event features shows by some of the marquee names in American menswear and up-and-coming designers who've never shown on such a big stage before.

The rise of the sports shoe has allowed men to flourish as peacocks, while at the same time they derisively describe women as obsessed with shoes.

US President Barack Obama's daughters have been elevated to trendsetters and style icons; doing this to any teenager benefits no one, and least of all the child.

Nobody knows exactly when or why the witnesses and small-time crooks caught up in one of India's biggest-ever corruption scandals began dying under mysterious circumstances. But in the past two years, that is what has happened to more than two dozen people implicated in a US$1 billion test-rigging scheme.