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The world’s top universities have to do more to incorporate sustainability elements in their curriculums to prepare students to deal with the climate crisis, according to a study. Photo: Shutterstock

World’s top 20 universities get Fs in climate change courses

All top 20 universities worldwide fell short on climate change elements in their courses, according to a report from Mock COP, with the youth-led climate action organisation calling for more sustainability education to prepare future world leaders.

27 Jan 2023 - 5:20PM
Detail from “Krishna eating the Fire” (circa.1980), by  Manjit Bawa, from the collection of the  Museum of Art and Photography (MAP), Bangalore, India, which will open its exhibition spaces in December after debuting online because of the pandemic Photo:  Manjit Bawa/MAP

Founder of first big private art museum in Bangalore, India on its mission

The Museum of Art and Photography opens in Bangalore, India, in December with a mission to use its 60,000-piece collection to educate a country in which art is often neglected.

30 Jul 2022 - 4:15PM
Alison Chan at Dear Harley Bakery. From Hello Kitty to Rolex watches, her custom cakes are so realistic you’ll do a double take. Photo: Xiaomei Chen

From Hello Kitty to Rolex watches, Hong Kong baker’s custom cakes

Hong Kong baker Alison Chan crafts hyper-realistic ‘illusion cakes’ that resemble everyday objects – and now she’s now getting recognition with her first exhibition, at the city’s K11 Musea mall.

28 Jul 2022 - 5:35AM
Many of China’s university graduates are opting to take their time before entering the workforce, while others are forgoing high-paying private positions for less-demanding civil service positions. Photo: Getty Images

Delayed employment among graduates has ‘far-reaching’ implications for China

China’s top economic planner vows more favourable employment policies and help for fresh university grads, while economists warn of ripple effects that could worsen the nation’s demographic crisis.

8 Feb 2022 - 9:30PM
Shutoon English International and its more than 230 schools across China are buckling under China’s crackdown on education. Photo: Sohu

Parents sue to recoup huge tuition losses amid China’s education crackdown

Private tutoring firms are collapsing across China, leaving angry customers out thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, some tutors look to cash in via a burgeoning black market, but others are being forced to leave China.

17 Oct 2021 - 10:08PM
Many high-school students in China rely on private tutors to prepare for the highly competitive college-entrance exams. Photo: Reuters

China’s education crackdown ‘only scratched the surface’ of what’s to come

Beijing is taking a hard line on the for-profit tutoring industry, but schools and parents are struggling to understand how and when new policies will be implemented.

6 Aug 2021 - 2:14PM
Parents are concerned that Beijing’s crackdown on for-profit tutoring services will hurt their children’s career prospects. Photo: EPA-EFE

Why China cracked down on education, upending a US$70 billion industry

‘Discourse and ideology need to be controlled by the central government’, and Beijing ‘aims to rectify education itself’, industry insider says.

3 Aug 2021 - 1:54PM
Alanna Sethi (left) and Yui Kurosawa say OWN Academy gives them focus, and a better idea of what career they want to pursue. Photo: OWN Academy

An education platform that’s ‘all about unlocking human potential’

Hong Kong-based purpose-driven education platform OWN Academy gives students career direction. It’s helped one teen answer the question: why am I learning what I’m learning?

17 Aug 2021 - 10:42AM
Harrow provides both Chinese national and international curriculums to local Chinese pupils under the brand Harrow Innovation Leadership Academics (HILA). Photo: Winson Wong

Top British private schools bet on China’s bay area, where demand is hot

The rise of the Chinese middle class, and its preference for reputable brands, has created a strong market for private and international schools – nowhere more so than in the fast-developing Greater Bay Area.

17 Apr 2021 - 3:57PM
More than 500,000 job vacancies were offered to applicants at a job fair that kicked off on Wednesday in Wuhan, Hubei province. Photo: Xinhua

China’s upcoming college graduates face familiar rivals in unhired 2020 class

Competition for jobs among fresh university graduates in China looks to be even more intense next year after the coronavirus left millions of degree-holders desperate to find work.

6 Dec 2020 - 11:52PM
Students take precautions against the coronavirus during the opening ceremony for undergraduates at Tsinghua University in Beijing last month. Photo: Xinhua

Affluent Chinese families less keen on sending kids to school in West: survey

The United States’ recent revocation of more than 1,000 visas for Chinese graduate students and research scholars has many parents reconsidering or scrapping plans to send their children abroad for schooling.

3 Oct 2020 - 11:50PM
Eureka Chu, an architect at Ronald Lu & Partners, at the Xiqu Centre in the West Kowloon Cultural District. Photo: Edmond So

Pandemic not stopping women from pursuing career goals in Hong Kong

Two Hong Kong women are examples of female professionals who have chased their career dreams and recognise the importance of seeking career-advancement opportunities even during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

3 Aug 2020 - 7:14PM
Redundancy can feel like the end of the world – but truly, it can be a new beginning

How to bounce back if you’re laid off from your job amid Covid-19

Redundancy can be an opportunity for education, rebranding, and exploring another industry. Once the shock is over, use the time to turn the loss into an opportunity.

13 May 2020 - 8:38AM
The effects of an all-nighter can last far beyond the morning after

Why you shouldn’t pull an all-nighter, and how to deal if you have no choice

Sleep deprivation can be as dangerous as drinking alcohol, and can have a serious effect on your memory, mood and diet

9 Mar 2020 - 8:00AM
You can only make one first impression.

When dating and job hunting rules unite

Whether you are looking for a life partner or a new professional path, there are rules that apply in both areas that make you more likely to achieve your goal

20 Feb 2020 - 6:00AM
People make a lot of decisions about you in the first seconds - so make them count!

How to sell yourself: the art of the elevator pitch

The first 30 seconds after you meet someone can make or break your chances of convincing them to like you and want to know more

24 Jan 2020 - 8:00PM
The perfect email subject line can get you noticed by potential employers.

Find the job of your dreams in 2020: learning how to write the perfect subject line is the first step

The subject line communicates who you are and what you want, as well as showing off your qualifications and helping you stand out

11 Jan 2020 - 9:00AM
There are better ways to follow up that don’t make you seem desperate!

How to follow up after a job interview without seeming desperate: advice from the pros

You wrote the perfect CV. You landed a job interview. They loved you. Now, how do you avoid screwing up?

2 Jan 2020 - 7:00PM
Social media feeds illuminate the Dear Evan Hansen set behind star Ben Levi Ross (centre). Photo: Matthew Murphy

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ star Ben Levi Ross on the challenges of a Broadway show

The 21-year-old actor decided ‘less is more’ when it came to the famously challeging role

27 Dec 2019 - 8:00AM
If women want to be in the top office, they need a lot more than coding skills

Here's what future female CEOs need more than coding camps

The bosses of companies including Bed Bath & Beyond, Popsugar and Spanx learned that resilience and audacity are key to a girl’s success

19 Nov 2019 - 3:21PM