Urban farms sprout up as Covid-19 leaves celebrities with thyme on hands

While Covid-19 has been creating havoc with everything else, one hobby has just kept growing: gardening. And even Bollywood fingers are turning green.

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The great rape of the Everglades

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The wildlife of the Everglades in photos

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The epic battle to rid Florida's Everglades of invasive Burmese pythons

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Some good news, finally, for coral reefs

An experiment at the Great Barrier Reef, which involves playing recordings of healthy coral, is luring fish back to dead patches, which could lead to the reefs’ revival.

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What is carbon offsetting, and does it work?

Countries can pay to fund emission reductions in another country to help reach its own emissions reductions targets

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How to buy clothes without destroying the planet

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Climate change is causing diseases like dengue, as well as flesh-eating bacteria to flourish
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7 tips to help you put your diet on a plant-based path
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10 air pollution facts that should terrify you

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Five things you’re getting wrong about tropical rainforests
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How to cut down on single-use plastic – everyone can do it
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UK supermarkets get drastic with plastic, ditch packaging in nude food revolution
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