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How to hate Monday less - 4 tips to help you get over the Sunday Scaries

Many people dread the end of the weekend, and start the week filled with anxiety and stress. But it doesn't have to be that way

For a lot of people, the Sunday Scaries are a real thing: anxiety that sets in around 4pm or so, that you can’t shake (although a favourite movie and a pizza sometimes eases the situation). It’s OK to feel this way – even people who love what they are studying, or are obsessed with their career don’t always bounce out of bed on a Monday morning.

But no matter who you are, or what you spend your Mondays doing, it’s just another day. We so unfairly associate Mondays with misery that we’ve come to resent and fear them – just because everybody else does.

But there’s another way! And it’s important, because life is wayyy too important to waste hours on a Sunday (and devote at least half of your Monday to being in pain).

So, if Monday ain’t your friend … here are some tips on how to at least not make it your foe.

Savour that Sunday sleep

It is tempting to distract yourself from the week ahead by spending your entire Sunday eating pizza, drinking beer, then moving on to vodka lime sodas and cheesy fries, and then all of a sudden it’s past midnight and there’s no time to unwind. This approach leads to a series of bad choices – not only are you throwing away your allowance or hard-earned dough, but you’re making yourself feel physically heavy and unable to sleep properly.

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The only thing worse than waking up on a Monday morning is waking up on a Monday tiiiiired (and probably hungover), and with a headache-y, guilt-fuelled start to the week. Sundays, if you let them, are a great day to maybe do a bit of meal prep, catch up on some reading, check you’re on track with any assignments, plan what you’ll wear tomorrow and get stuff ready to go. If you wanna go the extra mile, you can even select the uplifting podcast episode that’ll see you through your morning commute.

And once in a while, why not have a bath or long shower and get into those cozy PJs for an early night? Like, a really early night. We’re talking lights out by 9pm. By the time your alarm clock rings, you’ll be so smug that you did.

Have a hit list

Writing a list of five or so action items to complete during the week will help you feel in control and focused on Monday morning.

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What do you need to complete? Who do you want to see or reach out to? What’s lingering on that Notes section of your phone full of recent reminders? Creating a short list of what will make your week satisfying helps you stay on track. Being proactive feels powerful; being reactive feels rotten.

Infuse Monday with a little fun!

If you can get over the idea of weekends being so different from weekdays, Sunday no longer feels so ... terminal. 

Sure you might not have classes or work on Saturday and Sunday, but are you really chained to your desk every hour of Monday through Friday? Why not make Monday the new Thursday? Go to a movie. Have sushi with a friend. Ask your new classmate out for coffee. As long as you’re not staying up until stupid o'clock ahead of an 8am start, what’s the real difference?

Mondays feel waaay different when your week is punctuated with pleasure. Because “living for the weekend” is depressing – and frankly, a little dated.

Make a change

If your Monday misery feels impossible to contain over time, it’s probably a good sign you need to make a change. Maybe you need a new hobby or to expand your social circle. Maybe your course isn't working for you, and it’s time to talk to your advisors. Maybe what you thought was your dream first job really isn’t right for you – and that’s OK.

Ask yourself: What type of life do I really want? Is this it? If not, don’t ask what’s wrong. Ask what’s missing. The answers will come to you.

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In many cases, rest, coffee, good friends and music will have you back on track. If not, your emotions are great data, highlighting a shift you need to make.

One way or another, Mondays can become bearable – even joyful – if you allow them. Because your happiness is not dictated by a calendar – it’s dictated by you.

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