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6 tips to help you get organised before it's time for spring cleaning

Tidying up isn't fun, but it can ease anxiety and make life easier. Here's some expert advice to motivate you to clear up

Nobody likes tidying - not really. When faced with mindless tasks, most people put them off, or say they don’t have time. The truth is we just don’t choose to make the time to do them.

But most people do like the outcome of little organisation. It can ease your anxiety and actually make you feel better. If you approach the organisational aspects of spring cleaning as an emotional cleansing as well as a physical one, it will give you the added motivation you need, and the benefit of helping to clear out your mind.

Here are six steps to organisational nirvana.

1. Computer clean-up

Clean out your email box, update your online accounts, unsubscribe to anything you don’t read, reset your passwords (add a password app), and delete any old files that aren’t going to be opened again. File your loose documents and make sure everything is backed up.

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2. Donate your old clothes and blankets, shoes, and reading glasses

So many people can use these items you have grown out of or that no longer work for you. Even after puberty, you keep growing - even your feet might grow, so think out with the old and in with feeling good about yourself for making the effort to be mindful and giving. Sorting items for donation is more work than just throwing things out, but it feels right. (But throw away stuff that is just not good enough to wear.)

3. Clean out your junk drawers

Everyone has one. Many people have too many. Some might have themes: childhood sketches, old sunglasses, joke gifts received and never used. Much of this stuff can be thrown out or given away. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what needs to go where, but if you just do a little online research, you can find lots of good ideas. And if in doubt, chuck it out (well actually, like the ecologically respsonsible person you are, recycle.)

4. Organise your pictures

The older you get, the more important these will become. Don’t rely on the Cloud or Facebook, but make sure you have a separate backup for photos. When your computer or phone crashes, gets stolen or lost, Future You will thank Past You for doing this. Special backup drives and apps are available, so make the time to find one that works for you.

5. Clean your desk

While some say a messy desk is a sign of creativity, if not genius, there’s something more satisfying about being able to find things without digging through a bunch of papers. It also helps to you keep better track of important things like bills, jury summonses, the napkin with that cute guy’s number that you haven’t yet put in your phone

Most of us need some motivation and even a little assistance in this area. Offer to clean out a friend’s desk in return for their doing yours. This way, you won’t get distracted by attachment to old junk, the resulting organisation will give you more peace of mind, and ultimately you’ll save your most valuable asset: time.

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6. Consolidate your credit cards

These can collect. Until or unless you’re earning the big bucks, you can’t afford multiple cards. Don’t be tempted by signing up just because you’re attracted by the freebies; get too many, and you risk being declined when you want to apply for a card with perks you’d actually benefit from. Even when you’re, hopefully, earning the bigger bucks, nobody needs more than three.

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