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6 easy steps to make perfect salad

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Hong Kong health care firms lead the way in Greater Bay Area integration

Health care is a vital part of Beijing’s goal to make the Greater Bay Area liveable for migrants. The inclusion of Hong Kong-based providers in the mainland’s insurance network is likely to spur cross-border flow of talent.

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5 ways to improve your mental health during social distancing

Psychotherapist explains how social isolation, restrictions on activity, and limited contact with friends can increase the risk of depression

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10 philosophical novels to read in times of uncertainty

If you’re self-isolating, in quarantine, or social distancing due to the coronavirus, you probably have a lot of questions. These books may help.

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Keep calm and cook chicken soup while you self-isolate

This Japanese recipe is uber comforting, especially in these uncertain times

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8 reasons to exercise outdoors

You may spend most of your day indoors self-isolating due to the coronavirus situation, but if you can get outside to exercise, you'll reap benefits for your physical and mental health. 

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Why you shouldn’t pull an all-nighter, and how to deal if you have no choice

Sleep deprivation can be as dangerous as drinking alcohol, and can have a serious effect on your memory, mood and diet

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How to stay healthy on flights amid the coronavirus epidemic

As Covid-19 continues to spread, here are 12 expert tips from medical professionals to help you avoid catching an infectious disease

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Do I have conjunctivis?

You could have a highly contagious viral infection – here's when you need to call in sick.

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When dating and job hunting rules unite

Whether you are looking for a life partner or a new professional path, there are rules that apply in both areas that make you more likely to achieve your goal

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Valentine’s Day date ideas, whatever your relationship status
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10 gross habits that spread a virus

As the Wuhan coronavirus spreads far beyond China's borders to countries around the world, here are common tendencies to avoid.

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The best way to protect against the coronavirus

There is no known cure for Covid-19, but this is one way to reduce the likelihood of infection.

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10 tips to avoid getting sick when travelling on a flight
22 Jan 2020 - 8:15PM
How to ask someone’s pronouns without outing or offending them

The cisgender community needs to get used to owning their pronouns so that non-binary and non-cis individuals don’t feel singled out or pressured to explain why they don't go by he/she.

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A beginner’s guide to meal prep

Eat better, feel healthier, save money and time by learning how to batch-cook lunches and dinners ahead of time.

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5 New Year's food resolutions that have nothing to do with dieting

In 2020, we all vow to do better. Here's some inspiration as to how to tackle your approach to better eating in the year ahead

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5 hangover cures from around the world

If you need some hints on how to get over the pain of the morning after the night before, these international dishes might just be the solution

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