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10 gross habits people have that make it more likely a virus will spread

As the Wuhan coronavirus spreads far beyond China's borders to countries around the world, here are common tendencies to avoid

There is no cure for the new coronavirus which originated in Wuhan, China - but the same is true of the common cold. However, there are definitely things that lots of people do which make it more likely you'll pick up similar diseases. Stop these bad habits, and know that you’re doing your part to stop spreading infections.

1. Not washing your hands. Scientists will tell you this is the easiest thing people can do to stop the spread of disease.

2. Not covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze – or covering and then not washing your hands.

3. Picking your nose or popping pimples in public. An awful amount of germs live in and on human bodies, and are easily spread. Touching bodily secretions and then dabbing fingers over common surfaces helps germs to spread.

4. Not disposing of used tissues. Some people leave them on the subway, stuff them in taxi door handles or leave them on the bus. Don’t be that person. If you’re out, throw them in the garbage, or flush them down the toilet; or take them home where you can do either of those things.

5. Spitting. Anywhere, anytime, unless in the comfort of your own bathroom, and then do it in the toilet, and flush. We get that people do it to clear their lungs ... but think for a moment about what it actually involves ... thanks.

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6. Leaving bodily fluids behind in restrooms. Not everyone in the world has toilets. Not everyone in the world has flush toilets. Even flush toilets vary hugely from culture to culture. But if you’re using a Western-style flush toilet, sit the heck down!


Whatever needs to be flushed should all be in the toilet. Not over the seat or over the floor. Female hygiene products should be wrapped in the wrapper or toilet paper and put in the bin provided.

7. Allowing pets to touch, sit on or lick food preparation surfaces. It’s not cute when kitty climbs on the counter. You know where those feet have been. You can’t possibly clean up properly every time you want to make toast. Do not allow it.

8. Kissing dogs, cats, in fact any animals anywhere, but especially on their noses. Both dogs and cats shove their noses against their butts and other animals’ butts. Would you kiss a dog’s butt? No. So don’t kiss your dog. And don’t let that dog lick you on the mouth for the same reason.

9. Not cleaning your phone daily. Think about your hands and where they go, and when (and how often) they touch your phone. Wipe your phone down every day to get remove the grime from it.

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10. Not cleaning keyboards. If you use the computers at a library or lab, spend any time in a co-working space or flexi-desk office, or even use your own if you use a public keyboard or even if it is all yours, clean it down before you use it. Keyboards are pretty filthy, often dirtier than toilet seats. Just as you would wash your hands after touching a toilet seat, don’t touch a dirty keyboard.

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