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M&T blends rich experience, dynamic strategy in helping clients navigate complex market

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 July, 2018, 2:19pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 July, 2018, 11:01am

Makarim & Taira S. (M&T) may be one of Indonesia’s oldest law firms, but it is also among the most dynamic, progressive and forward-looking.

The leading independent and domestic law firm in Indonesia has been providing full legal services to multinational clients with various business sectors for almost 40 years. M&T has been a part of outstanding political, social and economic transformations that have made Indonesia among the world’s fastest-growing – yet challenging – markets. Its profound immersion in the country’s complex, fast-changing legal and business landscape, combined with a distinct blend of young and senior partners, has driven the firm and its clients ahead of competition.

“We want to give [clients] an equally passionate partner who will follow through to their success in Indonesia’s intricate but promising market”

“Everyone has an opportunity to be a partner here,” says partner Lia Alizia, who specialises in corporate, employment, intellectual property, corporate and criminal litigation, anti-competition, anti-bribery and anti-corruption. “We keep the number of lawyers around 70 because we want to uphold our quality, which translates to every service and practice area.”

This is the kind of expertise relied on by clients such as an Indian multinational paint company that has recently expanded to Indonesia. The company commended M&T for its “high agility and great hold on the subjects it deals in”. It also described the firm as “highly supportive in understating clients’ concerns and flexible in its approach when dealing with new companies setting up business in Indonesia”.

With a client base consisting of 95 per cent foreign companies, M&T is looking to attract more investors from China, Japan and South Korea, where it actively conducts seminars and marketing initiatives.

“Beyond providing local insight and legal advice, we go the extra mile by offering alternative solutions to resolve problems faced by clients – quickly and flexibly,” says partner Maria Sagrado, whose expertise includes investment, financing, pharmaceutical, e-commerce and fintech. “Clients from these markets are active and aggressive. We want to give them an equally passionate partner who will follow through to their success in Indonesia’s intricate but promising market.”