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Galenium Pharmasia sets eyes on becoming a world-class health care company

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 July, 2018, 5:35pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 July, 2018, 11:20am

It started with the dream of father and son Joesoef BS and Dr Eddy Joesoef to turn Nitra Drugstore, a trading business they opened in the early 1960s, into a full-fledged manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. After six decades, and now under the leadership of Dr Eddy Joesoef’s son Juzardi Joesoef, the small family business has emerged as a modern company with a competitive edge in Indonesia’s skin care and pharmaceutical market through its niche, sulphur-based products. Renamed Galenium Pharmasia Laboratories in 2004, the company is actively pursuing overseas expansion, particularly in Asia, and has set its eyes on becoming a world-class health care company.

“My vision is to transform Galenium Pharmasia into a strong regional player in Asia,” says third-generation owner and president Juzardi Joesoef.

Through intensive and innovative research, Galenium Pharmasia has built a comprehensive health care portfolio anchored in its over-the-counter and ethical medications for skin care, allergies, tuberculosis, joint and muscle pain, constipation, and scabies. Its flagship Caladine line of anti-itch and anti-irritation products is the trusted brand of mothers for the skin care of their children. Its other core offerings are the JF skin specialist for anti-acne and anti-microbial series, Laxadine suspension for constipation relief and the Oilum hydrating and anti-wrinkle series, which will be relaunched this year. These products are sold through medical clinics, pharmacies and speciality supermarkets across Indonesia and reach Asia, Europe, the United States and the Middle East through trusted distributors and an online platform.

“Through our in-house team of dermatologists and scientists, and with the help of partner universities, we develop specially processed and proven effective products that meet what consumers want as their lifestyles change,” Juzardi Joesoef says.

Galenium Pharmasia also provides toll manufacturing services to major pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers. Its facilities meet the rigorous standards of a highly regulated industry as underlined by its Good Manufacturing Practices certificates for medicine and cosmetics from Indonesia’s National Agency for Drug and Food Control, complemented by occupational health and safety certificates, including the United Kingdom Accreditation Service’s Quality Management certification, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

To tap into growth opportunities in Asia, Galenium Pharmasia maintains a trade office in Singapore that also handles marketing activities in nearby countries, including Malaysia, Cambodia, Bahrain, Yemen and Pakistan. The company is focused on gaining a foothold in Vietnam and the massive Chinese market using Hong Kong as entry point.

“We aim to bring our health care products to more people in Asia,” Juzardi Joesoef says. “Key to this initiative is working closely with reliable distributors whose in-depth understanding of the local market will help us deliver the right products.”