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Innovation in non-woven fabrics expands Spunindo’s international portfolio

Multi Spunindo Jaya specialises in spun-bond non-wovens, and trailblazes development of new products and process innovations to support a wide range of technical applications.

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2018, 5:16pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2018, 5:18pm

Non-woven fabrics have a variety of uses across many industries. Depending on the specifications, non-wovens are adaptable enough that they can be designed for single use or long-term durability. Multi Spunindo Jaya is among the pioneering firms in Indonesia when it comes to spun-bond non-wovens, and the company is continuing on its trailblazing path to develop new products and process innovations to support the simplest to the most technical applications.

Spunindo specialises in mono-component spun-bond, bi-component spun-bond, melt-blown, composite material and special treated fabrics. The company provides non-wovens with weights ranging from 12 to 150 grams per square metre to manufacturers of personal care and hygiene products, building and civil construction materials, medical products, clothing and shoes, home furnishings and filtration media, among many others.

“We are succeeding in our business because the customer comes first for us. Spunindo strives to understand what they need, and we develop solutions tailored to their requirements. Since we are serving many different customers, the key for us is having the flexibility to consistently deliver what they need,” says managing director Sasongko Basuki.

One market that comprises the majority of Spunindo’s business is the personal care and hygiene segment. As disposable income rises in many households across Asia, there is a corresponding demand for higher-quality commodities, and Spunindo sees itself as a player that can offer consumers the best price-quality ratio.

“We think China is a market where we can learn speed in innovation and creation”
Sasongko Basuki, managing director, Multi Spunindo Jaya

Making up another significant chunk of Spunindo’s business is construction products such as geotextiles and soil stabilisers. With infrastructure construction and reclamation projects booming all over Asia – a tropical region where land can become unstable because of rain – the company sees its products as an ideal solution to build a stable surface.

With the high technicality required in its products, Spunindo uses state-of-the-art Japanese equipment, which constantly gets upgraded to accommodate new processes. The company relies on automation and an in-house designed computer control system to produce quality non-wovens that meet the international quality standards of customers from Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

For Spunindo, China is an interesting area, not just from a sales market perspective, but also in research and development. “We think China is a market where we can learn speed in innovation and creation,” Basuki says.

Targeting Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, Spunindo is open to partnership or acquisition opportunities that can further strengthen its expertise and expand its presence. The company also welcomes investors that can support its growth strategy.