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Trendsetter: Tequila Kola continues 26-year tradition with FSC-certified materials

Brand’s Montmartre, Verve, Louvre, Tempo, Orwell and Osborne collections bring eco-friendly furnishings into homes

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 May, 2017, 2:47pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 May, 2017, 2:46pm

Tequila Kola has brought eco-friendly furnishings into our homes for the past 26 years. Its latest Trendsetter line for the bedroom, living and dining rooms continues this tradition with ethically sourced, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified materials.

This season, Michelle Koller, Tequila Kola’s founder and creative director, introduces six collections from the Trendsetter line, namely Montmartre, Verve, Louvre, Tempo, Orwell and Osborne.

The brand describes it as “fast fashion” for the home, only with a moral compass. Sustainable and durable, they represent a line of trendy furniture for the young at heart.

The Montmartre collection features classic bedroom furniture that goes well in traditional as well as modern settings. The upholstered, soft grey and oak wood bed adds elegance from a bygone era to any sleeping space, when alongside matching bedside cabinet, drawers, vanity and end table.

If you prefer dark walnut over light oak, the Orwell bedroom collection with slatted bed, round bedside cabinet and clean-lined chest of drawers may be more up your alley.

For a wider range and something in between the Montmartre and Orwell, the Tempo bedroom, living and dining room collection may have something to offer.

A nice touch with the Tempo bed is that there are four different coloured headboard pads to choose from. It’s the same with the Tempo dining table and chairs set, which consists of a glass dining table top, wooden legs, and chairs to be chosen from four different colours.

A glass dining table top isn’t for everyone though. Tequila Kola’s Verve dining room collection has a fully wooden dining table that is extendable for a larger family. It can be matched with leather-topped, upholstered dining chairs.

The Osborne collection with its rounded silhouettes also has an extendable dining table to choose from.

The Louvre collection, in contrast with all the above, is the more low-key one of the bunch, giving off a rustic vibe.