China stocks rise in strong start to week, but fail to lift Hong Kong market

  • Hang Seng Index falls the most in over a month
  • ChiNext Index surges to three-year high

Topic |   China stock market

As the Hong Kong and mainland China markets enter the home stretch leading up to the Lunar New Year holiday starting this week, some of themes we will keep an eye on include the flu outbreak in Wuhan, the ongoing protests in Hong Kong and whether stocks can hold on to their strong start to 2020.
Meanwhile, the phase one deal between Washington and Beijing – signed, sealed and priced in – might recede in significance and not play a big determining role, but never say never. 
The Shanghai and Shenzhen markets will close on Friday for Lunar New Year holiday, while Hong Kong will trade until lunch on Friday.

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– Yujing Liu and Azar Zaidi in Hong Kong 

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