Battling portfolios, January 13, 2014

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 January, 2013, 10:59am
UPDATED : Friday, 17 January, 2014, 6:18pm
  • HK49.60m
  • HK57.57m

Portfolio 1 - DEFENSIVE

Hypothetical client profile :

Mrs. Jane Du,  55,  senior business director at an insurance company, conservative in character and risk-averse in investment appetite.  She has 3 dependant children and a home mortgage which will be paid up in 10 years' time.  Her goal is to preserve and accumulate wealth at a steady pace for meeting her personal and family obligations.       

Portfolio's objective :

Having understood Mrs. Du's wealth management goal and constraints, a defensive portfolio with greater allocation into fixed income investments with a good geographical & sectoral diversification is designed to help her grow her wealth in a  stable way, targeting a 4% return p.a..    

Portfolio set up date:  28/11/12
Portfolio Value as of 13/01/2014: HK$ 49.60 million 
Portfolio performance since inception:  -0.8%


1. Given the defensive characteristics of the client, it is recommended that the portfolio is tilted towards fixed income, to generate a constant and steady income to meet her existing liabilities.    

2. As her children are still relatively young, it is also recommended to have some positions in blue chip equities that pay higher dividends so as to accumulate wealth for the next generation.    

3. As she has no overseas liabilities, it is recommended to stay focused in Asia, where the fundamentals are relatively better with higher growth potential.    

Weekly Update:

1. We recommend increasing exposure to high dividend yield stocks with the recent correction.    
2. Maintain positive stance in investment grade bonds relative to cash    

For detailed portfolio information, please click here to download full report. 

Portfolio 2 - DYNAMIC     
Hypothetical client profile : 

Mr. John Koe,  33,  business owner of an IT company, willing to take risks and has an aggressive aptitude for investment.  He and his wife are both working and have no children.  He hopes to settle his financial obligations quickly and enjoy an early retirement.    
Portfolio's objective : 

Having analysed Mr. Young's wealth management objective and risk profile, a dynamic portfolio investing into Asia's secular growth story is designed for him. Taking advantage of the emerging opportunities in Asia, the aim is to achieve for him shorter-term rewards with a target of a 10% return p.a..   

Portfolio set up date: 28/11/2012

Portfolio Value as of 13/01/2014:   HK$ 57. 57million

Portfolio performance since inception:  15.1%


1. As risk appetite is high, a dynamic portfolio is recommended, with allocations to equities at a much higher proportion relative to fixed income investments.    

2. Similarly, Asia's fundamentals remain healthy and with the attractive valuations, it is highly recommended to participate in the markets whenever there are weaknesses.

3. For fixed income, a higher proportion of high yield bonds is recommended for yield pick-up.    

Weekly Update:

1. We recommend to deploy some cash to work given the recent correction.    
2. Stay invested in investment grade bonds.    

For detailed portfolio information, please click here to download full report. 


David Poh is Regional Head of Portfolio Management Solutions at Societe Generale Private Banking.





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