Morning Clicks, August 23

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 August, 2012, 8:41am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 August, 2012, 3:06pm

Keywords: Diaoyu Islands, US pivot, Petitioning, North Korea, Microblogs, Tencent, Food safety, Myanmar, Stability maintenance


South China Morning Post
-- Hero's welcome to Diaoyu activists (video)

Australian National University
-- Hugh White and Andrew Carr in conversation (video)

China Human Rights Defenders
-- “The Darkest Corners”: Abuses of Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment in China (PDF)

Associated Press
-- NKorea's economic zone remains under construction (photos)

PLA Daily
-- Symposium on Ancient Chinese Psychological Warfare held in Beijing

-- Public Opinion Blue Book: News Events Published on Micro Blogs Increased Significantly

-- Tencent TV Is OUT! Tencent and TCL Present A Smart Screen, Named iCE Screen

China Hearsay
-- The Rise of China: Been There, Already Read That

All Roads Lead to China
-- Food Safety in China. Where Everything is Suspect.

China Expat
-- China’s Richest Village

Simpson's Paradox
-- Noodles and Robots (video)

A China Family Adventure
-- China Visa: Who Needs One, Where to Get It?

-- Will Burma Become Asia’s Next Economic Tiger?

Global Times
-- ‘Made in SE Asia’ doesn’t doom China

France 24
-- “Chinafrica”: four African Observers share their experiences working for Chinese companies

China Daily
-- Shell to invest $1b a year in China shale gas

Vancouver Sun
-- Kitimat LNG projects a go despite China investment

Pipelines International
-- Southern Line of the Central Asia-China Gas Pipeline starts construction

-- 抵制日企:误伤300万中国工人 A boycott of Japanese goods would end up hurting the 3 million Chinese workers directly employed by Japanese firms, NetEase argues in a new data visualisation spread with data compiled from Japanese and Chinese government agencies

Southern Metropolis Daily
-- 上访农妇告赢精神病院 院方自称“维稳牺牲品” A Henan woman has successfully sued the psychiatric institution in which she was imprisoned after seeking legal redress through petitioning. The court which delivered the judgement has called her a "victim" of China's stability maintenance apparatus.