Hong Kong-based internet activist and journalist Wen Yunchao is now trying his hand at ( he says) speculative short fiction:
In reports on a special discussion group led by Hu Jintao for top provincial and Ministry-level officials on July 23, official media wrote that in his speech, Hu emphasised that " scientific development concept" is the "guide to action for advancing development of the Party and the country", "the greatest theoretical innovation of the past ten years", and has "opened up new frontiers in the sinicisation of Marxism".
Xi Jinping, however, is among those unwilling to inherit this political legacy, and the notes from a long talk he held in late July with Hu Deping, son of Hu Yaobang (previously reported by Reuters), in which Xi explains his determination to see through political reforms and win the support of both academia and the press, have been making the rounds throughout certain circles in Beijing.

In a September 1 speech to mark the beginning of the 2012 fall semester at the Communist Party's Central Party School in Beijing, Xi Jinping made only oblique references to "scientific development concept" without going into detail, and made no statement regarding the inheritance of it as a political legacy.

In the several days since, Hu Jintao and other incumbent rulers have demanded that Xi make a statement on his inheritance of the political legacy, however Xi has remained silent, going so far as to feign illness as means to avoid being in public.

The resulting venomous split between Hu and Xi has become increasingly evident, leading to the recent poltical crisis which forced Hu to cut short his attendance [at the Apec summit in Vladivostok] and return home to deal with the crisis.

Following the Reuters report of Xi's meeting with Hu Deping, Chinese official media on September 10 published the full text of Xi's Central Party School speech, meaning neither of the two has budged.