A Taiwanese fast attack cruiser is silhouetted against the sunset during exercises off of Kaohsiung, Taiwan, May 15, 2013. Photo: AP
Morning Clicks
by Patrick Boehler
Morning Clicks
by Patrick Boehler

China news round-up: Shuangjiangkou dam gets approval, Taiwan rejects Philippine apology

21st Century Business Herald*
Last autumn,  Liu Tienan was a candidate for the Communist Party's Central Committee.
Ministry of Land orders end to forcible land requisition, says officials would be held responsible for mass incidents.
Beijing News*
Premier Li Keqiang says he wants to see more university students come from rural areas.
People's Daily Overseas Edition*
Online whistle-blowers should be protected, suggests a Peking University scholar.
Civil society
21st Century Business Herald*
outlines Chongqing former deputy police chief's involvement in illicit labour camp detentions.
The Guardian
Author Murong Xuecun compares being silenced on the internet to being put to death.
features a disturbing photo series on the last 12 hours of prisoners before their execution.
New York Times
Video: Blogger "Tiger Temple" documents the stories of struggling rural villagers.
Financial Times
Beijing signals concern over challenge of finding work for graduates.
Times of India
China is expected to become world's largest importer of rice this year.
East by Southeast
Kunming’s government responds to protests against a planned petrochemical plant.
China gives environmental approval to country's biggest hydro dam in Sichuan province.
Foreign affairs
Associated Press
China's new claims over Okinawa may harden Japanese resolve.
China Digital Times
summarises news coverage of the Arctic Council approving China's observer status.
Los Angeles Times
In a disputed South China Sea reef, Philippines sees face of Chinese domination.
Jiji Press
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has cancelled a visit to China.
Taiwan - Philippines stand-off
The Independent
Taiwan rejects Manila's apology for fisherman death.
China Post
Taiwan ships gather in South China Sea for drill.
Business World Online
Taiwan imposes sanctions despite apology.
Global Times*
Taiwan and the mainland have a common enemy, writes Ta Kung Pao columnist.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.