Kunming residents protest against a petrochemical project, May 16, 2013. Photo provided by an anonymous protester
Morning Clicks
by Patrick Boehler
Morning Clicks
by Patrick Boehler

China news round-up: Kunming residents take to the streets, CCTV airs anti-Dalai Lama film

Environmental protest in Kunming
Yunnan Daily website*
Hundreds protest, authorities provide guidance.
Kunming Times*
Kunming residents visit a refinery in Guangxi, say it causes no pollution.
Yunnan Info Daily*
doesn't report on the protest, covers the first page of its print edition with ads and publishes an interview with an Indian journalist: "Media is free in India."
Fei Chang Dao
News sites and weibos censor information about the protest.
Wall Street Journal
China National Petroleum Corp. promoted a vice president known for his focus on natural gas to the role of president.
Global Times
Thousands protest Kunming PX plan.
Central government designates seven task forces to address key areas, such as the tax and hukou systems, for the party congress this autumn.
China Digital Times
Central Propaganda Department tells media not to report on Occupy Central in Hong Kong.
The national broadcaster has aired a report on Tibetan self-immolations, holding the Dalai Lama responsible for inciting the suicides.
People's Daily*
wades into the nepotism debate: "exceptional affection can bring unintended harm".
Civil society
The Economist
Video: Labour shortages empower women workers to call for improved working conditions.
Radio Free Asia
Wenzhou court sentences woman to death for "illegal fundraising".
China Labour Bulletin
Graduate makes formal complaint against the Nanjing local government for hukou discrimination.
Radio Free Asia
A Qinghai court has handed a five-year prison term to Tibetan writer Gartse Jigme.
New York Times
EU considers emission fines on Chinese and Indian airlines.
Tencent becomes world's 4th largest internet company by market cap.
China's next crisis lurks in shadow banking.
Bloomberg News
Zimbabwe is trying to reach an agreement to distribute diamonds directly to China.
Foreign affairs
China urges Japanese introspection following "comfort women" remarks.
China starts a South China Sea fishing ban.
Tuoi Tre News
Vietnamese fishermen say they will ignore the "illegal" fishing ban.
China threatens own trade action if EU opens telecoms case, warns that duties on solar panels would "seriously harm ties".
Taiwan - Philippines stand-off
China Post
Taiwan Premier Jiang Yi-huah hints at further sanctions.
People's Daily Overseas edition*
China has a duty to protect the security and interests of Taiwanese compatriots, the paper writes.
Manila Bulletin
Filipinos are being discriminated, harassed in Taiwan.
The Atlantic
The Communist party deciding who can be a Tibetan monk has had some commit self-immolation, says Lobsang Sangay, prime minister-in exile.
The Guardian
African leaders must emulate Chinese celebrities to save elephants, writes Paula Kahumbu.
Beijing News*
Will the new State Railway Administration dare to take on the state-owned enterprises it should regulate, asks columnist Yu Deqing.
Global Times
Government curbs Japan-bashing historic TV dramas.
The New York Times
ironically musing on Ai Weiwei uploading a video of a street brawl.
Le Monde
on the state of ping-pong in China.

* denotes articles in Chinese language