Members of Shiv Sena, a Hindu right-wing political party, prepare to burn an effigy of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as they demonstrate near India's Parliament, in New Delhi, May 19, 2013. Photo: AP
Morning Clicks
by Patrick Boehler
Morning Clicks
by Patrick Boehler

China news round-up: Li Keqiang visits India, gay activist arrested in Hunan

Premier Li Keqiang's visit to India
The Times of India
India may not endorse "one China" in the joint statement that will be issued after Li's visit.
The Hindu
Premier Li Keqiang offers "a handshake across the Himalayas"
Hindustan Times
School books accidentally put Arunachal Pradesh in China.
Global Times
Editorial: Chinese people lack understanding and respect toward India.
Brookings Institution
Li’s challenge is to convince a skeptical Indian public that the border incident was not representative of the new Chinese leadership’s approach toward India.
East Asia Forum
The border stand-off was intended to test the degree of reciprocity that Beijing can expect in boundary negotiations.
Chennai Centre for China Studies
The Chinese political leadership must get the PLA on board on relations with India.
Beijing News*
looks at former Chinese premiers' first overseas trips: Wen Jiabao - Thailand, Zhu Rongji - Britain, Li Peng - Thailand
People's Tribune*
Scholar calls on the Communist Party to curb membership.
New York Times
writes on illicit dirt on China’s elite sold in Hong Kong.
Southern Weekly*
60 per cent of officials' promotions depend on personal relationships.
People's Daily Overseas Edition*
calls Heilongjiang's executive vice-governor Lu Hao China's political "dark horse".
People's Daily Overseas Edition*
Supreme People's Court sets daily compensation rate for illegal detention at 182.35 yuan.
Civil society
Xiaoxiang Morning News*
Organiser of a gay rights demonstration is arrested in Changsha, Hunan province.
Global Times
The nationalist paper visits the Dalai Lama's nephew.
Voluntary organ donation cards are hard to implement in China, says an official.
The Atlantic
Urbanisation has lowered a once-high suicide rate among rural women. But life is still hard.
China's air force allots only 20 percent of the country's airspace to civil aviation.
KFC loses its touch in China, its biggest overseas market.
China Railway Corp. is set to issue bonds.
Southern Weekly*
China's arms exporters are bound to grow, but need to reform.
Foreign affairs
Phoenix Television*
North Korea has halved its ransom demand for a Chinese fishing vessel and crew.
The Chinese free-trade zone at the Suez Canal in Egypt is quadrupling in size.
Foreign Affairs
interviews the new Chinese ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai.
Le Soir d'Algérie via Le Monde.
Containers with nuclear waste from China have appeared at an Algerian port.
People's Daily*
Experts suggest to frequently switch the origin of one's food supply.
Yangcheng Evening News*
Guangzhou restaurant claims it provided rice with excessive cadmium level only to its staff
Beijing Times*
Not naming the rice producers with excessive cadmium levels was illegal.
Taiwan - Philippines standoff
The Philippine Star
Philippine nationals in Taiwan have been  advised to stay indoors.
Manila Bulletin
President Aquino declines personal apology to Ma Ying-jeou.
China Post
Taiwan's justice ministry is in talks with Philippines over joint probe.
Taipei Times
Young Taiwanese show solidarity with Filipinos.
Global Times*
Editorial: China, Hong Kong, Macau should support Taiwan with sanctions against the Philippines.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.