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May 13: Former leader Deng Xiaoping's cartoon debut; Beijing subway bans ‘bizarre’ dress on panic fears

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2015, 10:10am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 May, 2015, 3:57pm

Politics & policies

Former paramount leader Deng Xiaoping made his cartoon debut in a newly released documentary, becoming the first Chinese leader whose animated figure to be shown on the big screen. Read full SCMP report  

“No, China’s judicial system must be under the leadership of Communist Party,” security Tsar Wang Qishan told American political scientist Francis Fukuyama in an April meeting in Beijing, when Fukuyama asked him if rule of law and judicial independence were possible in China, political website revealed.

China will make September 3 this year a public holiday to mark the 70th anniversary of victory of the Chinese people in the Anti-Japanese War, during the second world war. 


China rebuked the Philippines on Tuesday for taking journalists to a disputed island in the South China Sea, dismissing its occupation as "futile and illegal" in the latest war of words between the two sides. (Reuters)

China's top security official, Meng Jianzhu, vowed to boost cooperation with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism and drugs, in a meeting with Afghanistan Interior Minister Olomi Noorol Haq. (Xinhua)

Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying welcomed India's nomination of K.V. Kamath as the head of BRICS Development Bank. China has nominated Zhu Xian, who currently works for the World Bank, as the vice president. (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)



Executives at nearly a dozen listed Chinese developers say they will ramp up investment in property this year thanks to Beijing’s interest rate cuts, a vote of confidence from a sector accounting for 15 percent of economic growth. (Reuters)

China is starting to convince international money managers that its US$7.8 trillion stock market is ready to be included in MSCI indexes. (Bloomberg)

Foreign direct investment in the Chinese mainland jumped 11.1 per cent year on year in the first four months of 2015, settling at 273.61 billion yuan (US$44.49 billion), said the Ministry of Commerce. (Xinhua)

Iron ore production in China is poised to shrink further as cheaper imports and faltering demand threaten to close mines. (Bloomberg)

China and Russia to sign the first high-speed train deal at the end of May. (Xinhua)


Money & Wealthy

It is “unrealistic" to try and do business in China without dealing with the government or [communist] party, said China's richest man, Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin, in a recent interview. (The Beijing News



China's dominant internet search engine Baidu has fired eight executives accused of criminal behaviour, including embezzlement and commercial bribery. (Reuters)

Offices of DiDi Dache and Kuaidi Dache, two of China's leading taxi-hailing services, are raided and shut down in a crackdown in Henan province. (Caijing) 

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong met visiting Apple CEO Tim Cook on Tuesday in Beijing, calling on Apple to do more in promoting scientific and educational cooperation between China and the US. (Xinhua)



Beijing’s subway has restricted "bizarre dress" and "horror makeup", fearing they could lead to stampedes in its overly cramped stations. (Beijing Morning Post)

A baby boy with a harelip was found alive after being abandoned in the wild for 10 days in Guangxi province. Three family members have been detained. (CCTV)