Diner’s Diary

Peninsula launches organic, sustainable menu, Naturally - I had a try

Eggs from Hong Kong chickens played classical music as they lay are among food items hotel group has used for dishes that put the accent on health, sustainability and local sourcing

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 09 February, 2016, 12:00pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 February, 2016, 11:56am

“NP” usually means “no problem”, but at The Peninsula Hong Kong, the abbreviation has a new meaning, “Naturally Peninsula”, signifying menu items that use ingredients ticking one or more of several boxes: that they are sourced locally, organic, sustainably produced, healthy, have no sugar added, are gluten-free and change with the seasons.

Hotel group executive chef Florian Trento worked with nutritionist Kim Murphy on the menu to give guests alternative dishes to eat, and a selection is available at restaurants and on spa and room service menus at each of The Peninsula’s hotels.

There are nine principles to “Naturally Peninsula”, including: knowing the source of every ingredient, not using processed foods, swapping refined sugars for more natural ones, using natural oils and high- quality organic animal fats, minimising the use of salt, and not charring meat or deep-frying ingredients.

I was recently invited to sample some of the dishes. First we tried some hors d’oeuvres at cooking stations. One was black truffle scrambled eggs using eggs sourced from a New Territories farm where the chickens listen to classical music. Trento says he really feels these eggs taste superior to other ones.

There were also sustainably sourced Dutch mussels with garlic, wine and parsley, as well as a variety of vegetable juices for those interested in a mini detox.

The four-course lunch started with wild Canadian raw scallops topped with sustainably farmed Chinese Amur caviar on avocado mousse, which was light, followed by double-boiled snow goose with gingko in organic soy milk with wolf berries and fresh yam slices.

The main course was slow-cooked organic Australian beef slices, with peas, carrots and turnip in a shallow consommé garnished with horseradish pearls. Dessert was an artful (and delicious) display of poached Korean strawberries with a lemon-basil sherbet, and almond slices.

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