Xi Jinping
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Xi Jinping. Photo: Xinhua

How they see it

Xi Jinping's formal election as president

Xi Jinping

1. China Daily

Hopes are running high for the coming decade, as Xi Jinping has made a stir with his refreshing no-nonsense style … His popularity is partly because of his people-friendly approach to work and down-to-earth style. For example, he reminded the mayor of Suzhou, who had outlined a plan to make "substantial improvements" in the water quality of the city's lakes, that netizens' yardstick for acceptable water quality would be whether the mayor dared to jump in and swim. … But while such dares may seem to have fallen on deaf ears, they have produced some results. The mayor of Wenzhou … told a news conference that his city will carry out a clean-up to make the local rivers safe enough for people to swim in five years from now. (Beijing)


2. The Guardian

It has been a long time since China has had a presentable first lady. But marriage to the folk singer Peng Liyuan has imbued China's leading couple with star quality - at least as much as the Obamas. But there is a more intriguing quality to the new leader's wife and his late father - their attraction to Buddhism. Mr Xi does not like to talk about this … Tibetans still remember with fondness Xi's father, who was attached to the North West Military region in Lanzhou … None of this means that the militantly atheist party has a leader who is religious, that a historic meeting with the Dalai Lama is imminent … But the potential … is there for a term of leadership that may yet surprise. Xi is just starting out, but the omens are by no means all bad. (London)


3. Gulf News

The global economy relies on Chinese growth far too much for its own good. If this falters, then the tentative economic recovery would be seriously blighted. Therefore, there is significant global interest in how Xi Jinping will tackle the major problems that China faces … For its own economic security, China needs to focus on boosting domestic demand rather than relying on exports. In addition, Xi will have to tackle endemic corruption that is stalling progress. He will need to manage the dangerously large wealth gap … and the official disinterest in pollution. Finally, the Communist Party will have to get used to a far more vocal population. One of Xi's major challenges will be how to manage that popular anger. (Dubai)

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: How they see it