A Good Week for ... , April 12, 2015

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 12 April, 2015, 7:34am
UPDATED : Sunday, 12 April, 2015, 7:34am

The visually impaired

The birth of four Labrador bitches - the first guide dogs to be born in Hong Kong - is a turning point for the blind. Advocates say breeding the dogs here produces canines with a better nose for manoeuvring the city's streets and ensures a more stable supply than relying on imported animals. "Hong Kong's environment, traffic and public facilities are very different, so local dogs can provide better help to the visually impaired," said Raymond Cheung Wai-man, of Seeing Eye Dog Services.


Liza Avelino

The 43-year-old domestic helper and part-time adventurer is currently making her way to conquer the Island Peak, a neighbour to Mount Everest, in Nepal. Avelino has saved her pay and bonuses for two years to pay for the expedition. Avelino, who saved up much of her holiday time last year so she could go on the 22-day trek, trained for her adventure by flying to northern Japan for a three-day ascent of the 3,180-metre Mount Yarigatake.


Sjaak Rijke

The Dutch train driver went to Timbuktu for what was supposed to have been a "dream trip" with his wife in November 2011. But he was captured by Islamic militant gunmen and held ransom for three years in Mali. French special forces freed him from his al-Qaeda-linked captors after staging a dramatic desert raid that culminated in a gun battle.