How They See It, April 19, 2015

Hillary Clinton running for president

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 19 April, 2015, 6:51am
UPDATED : Sunday, 19 April, 2015, 6:51am

1. The Washington Post

Many voters will jump at an opportunity to elect the United States' first female president, crossing a barrier that other nations traversed long ago. But other Americans will feel weary at the familiarity of the Clintons and their circle. Clinton is arguably the best-prepared candidate in either party. She is her own brand, the only star the Democrats have, and thus far it seems she will face relatively light primary opposition. That creates political risks - that she will run a defensive campaign, interacting with the media as little as possible. But it provides an opportunity, too, to make a clear case for why she wants to be president and what she would hope to accomplish. Washington


2. Los Angeles Times

In order to have a debate you have to have more than one candidate, and to have a debate that will command public attention you need a real contest. So far the Democratic race consists of exactly one candidate with a truly national profile: former senator, secretary of state and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. In lamenting the lack of competition in the Democratic field, we aren't suggesting that Clinton is an inferior or unqualified candidate. Far from it. But her party and the electorate at large would be better off if she had to defend and define her candidacy in the crucible of a truly competitive race. And she might be a better candidate as a result. Los Angeles


3.  The Guardian

She couldn't quite shatter the glass ceiling in 2008, but she vowed that the "18 million cracks" she had etched in it would help ensure it would yield in the end. Hillary Clinton surprised nobody at all by confirming that she does indeed intend to be the woman who will do the final smashing. It would surely be wonderful if the 43 men who have held the office since George Washington were at long last followed by one woman. Her admirers would describe her as a happy mix of the smart and the muscular; doubters will recall her vote for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. She brings a style of politics - a willingness to get stuck in and haggle - which could be right for the time. London