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When it comes to juicy political scandals, the British are the best

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 September, 2015, 1:03am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 September, 2015, 1:03am

Say what you will about the Brits, but they do know how to have a good political scandal. Indeed, their ancestors might have invented it.

The latest has David Cameron allegedly having intimacy with a dead pig in his younger days. Now why can't we have juicy allegations like that with our own Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying?

The revelation comes courtesy of former Tory bigwig Lord Michael Ashcroft in his new biography of the British prime minister , Call Me Dave, which has been serialised in the Daily Mail.

In a desperate attempt to be admitted into a super-elite club at Oxford University, Cameron supposedly submitted himself to a bizarre ritual.

Take note, Hong Kong parents eager to send your kids to Britain's most elite universities.

"Cameron once took part in an outrageous initiation ceremony at a Piers Gaveston [Society] event, involving a dead pig," Ashcroft wrote.

"[T]he future PM [reportedly] inserted a private part of his anatomy into the animal's mouth..."

Ashcroft even claimed there were photos of the decidedly un-kosher sex act, but did not show any proof to his eager readers.

Cameron's spokeswoman has refused to comment, though several unnamed sources close to 10 Downing Street have denied it.

Without an outright denial from the prime minister, the story has gone viral.

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The elite men-only dining club limits membership to 12 undergraduates. It was named after the favourite lover of King Edward II and, according to Wikipedia, is notorious for drug abuse and wild sex parties.

Meanwhile, the expose reminds people that Cameron was indeed a certified member of the Bullingdon Club while an undergraduate at Oxford.

This again men-only club's most famous tradition is "the trashing of pubs". Drunken members dressed in tailcoats would smash up the joint and then hand over wads of cash as compensation and to prevent the owner from calling the police.

Cameron has on record said he deeply regretted his Bullingdon days.

I don't hold it against him. In my experience, people who had a wild youth usually became responsible adults because they got it out of their system early on.

Now in Hong Kong, we only have occasional chatter about our chief executive being a Communist Party member. How boring!