Letters to the editor, December 9, 2015

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 December, 2015, 3:04pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 December, 2015, 3:04pm

Carbon dioxide is not the problem

When it comes to climate change, carbon pollution and the like, you are being conned. Carbon and carbon dioxide are not pollutants; they are the daily support of life on this planet. Carbon dioxide, via photosynthesis, is the earth’s major plant food. More carbon dioxide means more trees and more food.

Unelected bureaucrats at the European Union and United Nations, in their efforts to demonise and reduce carbon dioxide, promoted diesel cars across the EU zone to meet carbon emission targets. It was successful in reducing carbon dioxide by 15 per cent. The bankrupt EU then boasted to the world how “environmentally friendly” it was.

However, this EU/UN effort to reduce carbon emissions made things much worse for humans and the environment. Cancerous nitrogen dioxide emissions increased over 150 per cent and particulate matter increased by over 300 per cent.

To improve air quality and health in Hong Kong and the rest of China, all efforts need to be geared at reducing criteria air pollutants, namely: carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, particulate matter (both PM2.5 and PM10), and sulfur dioxide.

When it comes to global warming, the EU and UN are up to their old tricks again, ignoring 4.53 billion years of evidence that the climate is driven by solar activity and not by carbon emissions. They are brainwashing people into believing carbon dioxide is bad when in reality carbon dioxide is good, as it provides more food, via photosynthesis, to feed a growing population.

Reducing carbon dioxide will not improve air quality; reducing criteria air pollutants will.

Further, reducing carbon emissions is irrelevant to climate. Genuine climate scientists know this and have accordingly resigned from the UN puppet organisation, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, calling it a political not scientific body.

Hong Kong and the rest of China should reject international agreements and focus on the very real problems at home, namely reducing air pollution, reducing toxins in products and reducing electronic waste. Not a single dollar of tax payers’ money should be wasted in trying to reduce carbon dioxide.

For those individuals that think carbon dioxide is a problem; stop driving, stop flying, stop bombing other countries, and stop sending your kids for an overseas education – hypocrisy should not be tolerated.

Dr Robert Hanson, Tseung Kwan O

Bigger issue than judicial review abuse

I refer to your editorial, “Enforce threshold on judicial reviews”, December 4). Sure, the threshold on judicial review must be enforced, but the misuse of judicial reviews is not all there is to it, which detracts from the maintenance of security and good order.

Basically, the so-called pan-democrats, politely now called the opposition, are running amok, claiming they have the god-given right to do and say anything they like, short of physical assault; anything which the law does not say “thou shalt not do”.

There was last year’s 79-day Occupy movement; there were the traffic-disrupting, “drop of a hat” street demonstrations, the drug addict-like attire and hooligan behaviour of lawmakers in the Legislative Council, the harassing of visitors from the mainland, the waving of the colonial Hong Kong flag with placards carrying rebellious slogans, and now the football fans’ booing of the national anthem, which the vice-chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Joseph Sung Jao-yiu, addressed and criticised in a recent blog post.

Apart from being legal or illegal, there is the right and wrong of it. Overboard behaviour should be ruled on by the administration (say, the protocol department), and made punishable.

Peter Lok, Chai Wan

No need for overreaction to noisy kids

With great astonishment – and I try to be kind here – I read Yonden Lhatoo’s comments on kids on planes (“Keep screaming kids off regular flights to give us all some peace”, December 4). I am surprised (or should I say shocked?) by the tone and the words chosen: “neo-Nazi nipper” – are you serious?

I – a mother of three boys – can truly understand that people feel disturbed or annoyed by children, especially when they are not their own. Being from Germany and having lived in the United States for several years (which, by the way, is a great child-friendly nation), I have flown back and forth a lot with my own children and other kids on board. There is always one kid crying or screaming or not sleeping.

You can lament on that, you might wish you had taken ­another plane (or that they had taken another plane), but do you have to crusade against them and their parents in the way Mr Lhatoo did?

He says he doesn’t want to be called a child hater – Mr Lhatoo, what else are you?!

Above all, he speaks of “suffering” because of those “ankle-biting anarchists”, and I wonder: does he really know what it means to suffer?

I am not surprised (and I found it funny that he mentioned it) that Mr Lhatoo was nearly booted off the aircraft for disturbing the peace. Why, Mr Lhatoo, didn’t they throw out the kid?

So, my advice to preserve Mr Lhatoo’s “lonely life”: “Keep ­insulting adults off regular flights to give the rest of us all some peace”.

Stefanie Ball, Wan Chai

ParknShop’s online shop is a disgrace

Having just returned from a two-week vacation, I logged on to ParknShop online shop to shop. What a surprise it was to find that the previously (pretty poor) online service has been made so unusable that it is now quicker to go to the store than shop online. How is this possible?

Here’re a few changes from the “upgrade”: response times that were previously poor though manageable are now extremely slow; the new “wish list” functionality doesn’t allow you to select a single item from your list of favourite items; whole categories of products appear to have disappeared, and some categories significantly reduced. To top it off, at checkout on Tuesday, I could only get a delivery date on Friday – my wife can order a dress from the UK and get it delivered faster than that.

These and other issues meant it took me around two hours to order about 20 items. I eventually gave up in frustration and had to visit the store for the other 20 items I still needed.

It is shocking that an organisation of the size, reach and market clout of ParknShop can roll out such poor software.

George Haylett, Tai Tam

Don’t waste money to expand airport

Expansion work will be undertaken at Terminal 2 at the Hong Kong International Airport in conjunction with the construction of the third runway. I think the billions of dollars that will be spent on this expansion are a waste of money.

When the decision was made to build the terminal, the government said it would benefit Hong Kong’s economy, but officials were looking through rose-tinted glasses.

Terminal 2 has been a commercial failure. Terminal 1 currently handles most of the passengers at the airport so I do not see why a second ­terminal was needed.

I am also concerned about the environment. The expansion project will involve reclaiming more land from the sea and this will damage marine ecosystems.

Sabrina Ho Man-yau, Ma On Shan