Protesters in Naha, Okinawa, rally last month against the US military presence in Okinawa, as they have done since 1995. Photo: Xinhua

Democracy is the opiate of history’s losers, as Japan proves

Thorsten J. Pattberg says no people’s protests have ever succeeded in overturning foreign oppression, as shown by the long-running rallies in Okinawa against the US military presence

It’s a dull summer month in Nihongo, and 50,000 locals march against the US military presence in Okinawa and a recent rape-murder of a Japanese woman by a US military contractor. The Japanese have protested against the US soldiers in Okinawa since I can remember – 1995. Only if we are willing to see democracy as a form of opiate of the defeated [Japan lost the second world war] do we start to see its peril: nothing in Okinawa is going to change for Japan in a democracy. Nothing is ever achieved by democratic protest.
Nothing is ever achieved by democratic protest

Notwithstanding the protests, the US is relocating 60 per cent of its war fleet to the Asia-Pacific region. In a way, we could even blame Japanese democracy for legitimising US militarisation. Let me explain.

This is true for all democratic rallies around the globe: They are mostly impotent.

Take the European Union, which is an authoritarian regime. The union’s leadership promotes its citizens to democratically protest against anything they please. That’s because such protests don’t mean a thing and challenge nobody. But, lo and behold, when the United Kingdom acted, and a majority of the British people actually voted to exit the EU, the EU turned fiendish: politicians, corporations and the media mafia engaged in a ruthless shame campaign, calling the British stupid, irresponsible and suicidal.

A woman with her face painted as the European flag was one of thousands of protesters who took part in the March for Europe, in London, to protest against Britain's vote to leave the EU. Photo: AFP

Referendums are democracy’s Achilles’ heel

As a general rule, if a greater power praises your country as a “democracy”, it means your country is vulnerable and doing exactly what is expected of it. Democracy disables a conquered nation by allowing thousands of factions, religious quacks, degenerates, dissidents and foreign agents to undermine and sabotage whatever your nation is trying to build. Your country can’t defend itself any more, has a million weak spots, and is thus prevented from unity.


Hence, all known so-called democracies – surprise, surprise – are former colonies, and now host US military bases.

As a general rule, if a greater power praises your country as a ‘democracy’, it means your country is doing exactly what is expected of it

The truth hurts: not a single empire in history has ever been a democracy. Democracy is the crippling of the subjugated. Enormous propaganda efforts, puppet regimes, colluded media, censorship and re-education are necessary to install and maintain a democracy, which otherwise is unnatural to man.

Every superior force enslaves the people in the name of freedom and liberation: “We are now a democracy,” the losers proudly proclaim. “We the people rule!” They rule nothing.

Of the four great powers today – the US, the EU, China and Russia – none is democratic. The US is a terror state, the EU an autocracy, China a one-party dictatorship and Russia is Russia. Only the idiotic so-called democracies (from Sweden to Germany, from Britain to Japan to India) want more opiate – democracy – so as to soothe their loser’s pain.


Think! Why is The Japan Times, a pro-US propaganda racket, so generously reporting about the Okinawa rallies? If there was ever a realistic chance, anywhere, for a democratic rally to expel a military base, no base could ever have been built in 1,000 years. The only way for Japan to change the status quo – superimposed democracy – is through undemocratic means, which would trigger a war with the superpower.

A man walks down Wall Street near the New York Stock Exchange. Ask yourself, did the democratic Occupy Wall Street movement change the status quo of corrupt global banking? No, of course not. Photo: Bloomberg

Hong Kong must now heed the lessons of Occupy, and move on

Do you see the pattern? Ask yourself, did the democratic Occupy Wall Street movement change the status quo of corrupt global banking? No, of course not. On the contrary, the rallies reminded the banks to make a killing: they demanded bailouts, funded by taxpayers’ money. Likewise, the Okinawa rallies reminded Washington to modernise its bases, demanding Japanese taxpayers’ money.


Democracy is a political system designed for the occupied, the losers in world history. The conqueror acts, imposes and violates, and the conquered are told they have the freedom to complain (not to counteract). The Okinawan people have protested for as long as I remember, with no success; in fact, they achieved not only nothing but gave billions of Japanese yen in free promotion for US supremacy.

Thorsten J. Pattberg, PhD, is a German writer and cultural critic, and the author of The East-West Dichotomy. He lives in Tokyo

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Democracy is the opiate of history’s losers