Hong Kong air pollution

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 May, 2015, 3:07pm

On roadside air pollution levels soaring to dangerous heights on Monday:

Bob Howe - Stop blaming the mainland. It has been proved that most of our problems are created from roadside pollution, the polluting cargo ships we allow into Hong Kong and our outdated coal-burning plant. A lot of this pollution is also from southern China, where the factories are owned by HK people, so why blame the mainland?

Marcus H. Langston - Can't they Occupy Central now to stop cars driving through it and immediately cut the pollution?

Karin Munkholm - Making a difference in your own consumption habits is the only way to change this. It is not up to the companies, but up to us as consumers to hold them (and ourselves) accountable. So tired of people blaming "others" for this pollution!

Isabel Escobar De Buechsel - Yet another example how the policies of China are negatively affecting HK.


On the meaning of patriotism as it relates to Hong Kong's future:

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - It is strange that universal suffrage has to be related to patriotism. They are two different matters and issues. There are no hard and fast rules to define patriotism. Even universal suffrage may not be the same worldwide. A person is just entitled to have one vote, but may not be necessarily a patriot.

Paul Lebrun - Most of us this age were born and raised as British Hongkongers. The political leaders are asking us to love and be patriotic to China; does this seem unpatriotic? I think patriotism is an attitude and a respect to be earned; it cannot be forced.

Yin Chi Chan - I am patriotic to the human race, which means standing up for fundamental human rights, which the PRC is denying its people.