Parenting classes can ease pressure placed on so many students

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 18 October, 2015, 12:01am
UPDATED : Sunday, 18 October, 2015, 12:01am

I refer to the letter by Carol Kwong ("Too much pressure on preschoolers", October 2).

Nowadays, because of our exam-oriented education system and limited school places, academic results are extremely important.

Hong Kong parents instil in their children the notion that if you get a high mark in your exam, you are successful. This puts a lot of pressure on them. I think that not only preschoolers but also primary and secondary school students are suffering from a huge amount of academic pressure.

Compared to other countries, where kids are allowed to relax and enjoy their childhood, Hong Kong children are learning piano, painting, swimming and dancing or taking tutorial classes every day.

In order to stand out from others and get a place in a famous school, their parents require them to study into the night.

Children spend all their time learning and don't have any chance to play and create happy childhood memories. All they will remember of their childhood is the heavy workload they had to deal with.

It seems to me that placing so much emphasis on studying has a negative effect. First, students may hate and even refuse to study as they feel too much pressure. They will think that learning is just for exams and won't understand its true purpose. They learn only because their parents force them to do so.

Second, students may become unstable if they are always under stress. The expectations of parents cause students to care too much about their results. They strive to be outstanding and have the perfect report card. If they get a low mark, they become emotional and some may even think of suicide.

Parents must their attitude. The government should help by offering parenting classes. Also, schools should hold workshops teaching students how to deal with pressure.

Niki Cheung, Yau Yat Chuen