Cooperation with rest of China is better than confrontation

PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 April, 2016, 3:43pm
UPDATED : Friday, 15 April, 2016, 3:43pm

Every day, one sees confrontation in Hong Kong, as if this is the only way to be heard or to solve problems in society.

Many Hong Kong youngsters who have differences with Beijing mistakenly believe that the West will come to their rescue when they organise protests like Occupy Central. They also wrongly think that, unless they are confrontational, their voices will not be heard.

I believe the best way forward is to get China engaged in developmental projects and extending a strong pitch to make Hong Kong the nation’s leading economic city. This can be done by getting new investment and adopting the latest technology.

We must strive to make Hong Kong one of the world’s biggest financial centres, and the best logistics hub (air and shipping), and best educational and research and development centre in the region.

We should have the same aim of regional supremacy when trying to get as many multinational corporations to set up their regional offices here or when it comes to funding new start-ups.

Hong Kong is an ideal place to promote the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and can be actively involved in promoting and assisting in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. This will generate employment and growth for Hong Kong.

The future is in Asia and Hong Kong can play a very active and productive role in enhancing its future by aligning itself with the rest of China.

Hong Kong has the skills and the reach as a world city to enhance its own image and that of China.

Hong Kong should extend an olive branch to the central government. It should not aim for discussions where Beijing is made to feel it is under duress.

It is not possible to get things done through demonstrations, rioting, chanting slogans or calling for independence. People who do these things are adopting the wrong tactics.

Hongkongers have to accept that their future lies with China and it is in their best interests to make the most of that future. Hong Kong’s core strength can be combined with China’s huge market and clout. Hong Kong citizens have no other choice and they will achieve nothing through confrontation.

Simon Datta, Pok Fu Lam