Hong Kong’s all-day kindergartens a big help when both parents work

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 08 October, 2016, 12:18am
UPDATED : Saturday, 08 October, 2016, 6:54pm

I refer to the letter from Christy Lam (“No need to have all-day kindergartens”, September 19).

I agree that kindergartens do not need to charge so expensively, such as HK$10,000 annually, for meals.

The young children just need to have simple meals, full of fruits and vegetables, and a little meat; with perhaps a snack in between. Breakfast, even if it is served, can just be a piece of apple and a glass of milk, and nothing more.

However, in a modern competitive society such as Hong Kong’s, often both parents have to work, and sometimes they do have to work long hours.

In such instances, all-day kindergartens will certainly benefit children, as it means that parents do not have to look for extra human resources to care for them, such as employing a part-time helper.

They will also not have to put their children in the home of extended family members, such as in-laws, to look after them while they are at work.

With the full-day kindergartens, parents can simply go to pick up their children when they finish work, rather than having to take a break in between to drop them off in the homes of their extended family members or with caregivers; this will certainly save them time and money on the commute.

Thus, I am in favour of the all-day kindergartens.

I am of the view that in all-day kindergartens, children still get their play time and nap time. It is not that all of their time in the day is occupied with lessons.

Eunice Li Dan Yue, Causeway Bay